Spring Clean Your Website!

April 16, 2014

It is finally officially Spring, which means it's time for Spring cleaning. While most people concentrate only on their homes, you should also take this opportunity to Spring clean your website. What does this entail?

Here are our top four tips for cleaning up your website this Spring:

•   Make an update checklist: 

There are many little things on your website you may forget to update on a regular basis. These can include the copyright date in the footer, your “Upcoming Events” page, your contact information, or your “About Us” page (for example, has your company just hit its 5 or 10 year anniversary?). Reviewing and tidying up these items is a quick way to keep your website up to date.

•   Clean up your content:

Is there content on your website that is no longer applicable? Spring cleaning is the perfect time to remove or update any content that may no longer be 100% relevant to your business.

•   And add new content:

Now is the time to replace all of the inapplicable content with new content. Add photos, upload a video, and develop a content strategy to keep your website fresh for months to come. Adding fresh content to your website can help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) all year round.

•   Freshen up the look of your site:

This could involve anything from an entire redesign to updating your header and call to action on your homepage. Besides graphic elements, take a step back and consider the navigation of your site – is there a better way to organize it?

If you need help cleaning up your website this Spring, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today!

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