About Page Writing Guidelines to Engage Readers

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August 16, 2022

Your About page is usually where people go to learn more. It’s essential that this page explains who you are, what your business is about, and everything else customers may need to know.
Some companies even take this opportunity to inject some personality into their website to capture their brand. Here are some guidelines for writing your “About Us” page, and how it can engage your readers.

How to Craft an Engaging About Page

Having a strong “About Us” page is important for quite a few reasons. Not only does it help your business to make a good impression, but it’s also beneficial for building relationships with your audience.
How often have you checked out a brand’s About page yourself before buying their products or services? What has swayed you into becoming a customer after reading these pages?
People want a chance to connect with these companies, and that’s one way About pages succeed. Let’s look at some ways you can stand out with yours.

Tell Your Story

For many, an About page goes through the company’s history. It details the starting point or inception of the brand and explains every important step to the current moment. This is a great tactic for lending your brand some credibility and relatability, while also giving your buyers a chance to connect with the business.
Your story doesn’t always have to be so cut and dry, though, especially if your brand’s history has been winding. Find what makes your story unique, and incorporate it into this landing page.

Explain Your Mission

You may already be familiar with your target market by now, so telling them about your brand’s mission and goals can be another helpful way to relate to them. If your business is focused on philanthropic efforts or eco-friendly practices, for example, this is a great place to showcase that.
By using your About page to show your company’s humanity, you’re demonstrating that you care for more beyond revenue.

Speak to Your Audience

Knowing your audience and how to speak to them is key to writing an engaging About page. If you’re a brand focused on a younger demographic, you’d speak to them in a more casual and relatable way, not industry-heavy jargon that would be too formal and hard to understand.
Finding the right tone and style for your About page will rely heavily on who will be reading it. “Read the room” so to speak, and write accordingly.

Be Creative

Many brands take this as an opportunity to get creative. Who says an About page has to be one way? Find formats that work for you and tell your story in a creative and attention-grabbing way.
Maybe you want to try a video instead or use fun, interactive design elements to truly engage your audience. Think outside the box and imagine what your brand could do to make the About page an experience.

Get an About Page That Attracts Your Target Audience

Part of marketing your brand is making sure it connects with your audience, especially on your landing pages. Consider these writing guidelines to craft a strong About page that’ll elevate your brand and make customers want to work with you instead of competitors.
Connect to your target audience and grow conversions with a website marketing strategy tailored for your business. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Sales & Marketing Technologies today!

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