7 Fall Social Media Marketing Tactics

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August 30, 2022

The days will soon be getting shorter and cooler, meaning autumn will be in full swing. Planning for this new season is important since there are many marketing opportunities at your fingertips. How can you speak to your audience during this time of year and build your brand? Let’s look at these seven social media marketing tactics for fall, and what you can do with them.

1. Start of a New School Year

With school starting for children and adults alike, incorporating back-to-school language and offers in your campaigns can bring a lot more eyes to them. Find ways to market your products to school-aged children, college students, or even parents needing supplies for this time of year. Get creative and think of how your business is relevant to the start of a new school year.

2. Halloween-Themed Content

Prices so low they’re spooky? Discounts for anyone dressed in a costume? There’s no shortage of ideas for Halloween and your marketing! Incorporate clever tactics to make your brand stand out, while also having a little fun with it. You can even share Halloween printouts for the kids or pumpkin carving templates on your social media.

3. Veterans Day

Honoring veterans can include special promotions, discounts, and free items to help thank them for their service. Many brands take this day to highlight veterans and give thanks, without necessarily putting their business at the forefront. It’s important to be mindful while also doing your part to honor this holiday.

4. End of Daylight Savings

Spring forward, fall back! With the end of Daylight Savings, an “extra” hour is added to everyone’s day. Share on your social channels how your business is taking advantage of this added time, or find ways to promote your products (such as pillows for an additional hour of sleep, or exercise equipment for a bonus hour of workout time).

5. Thanks and Giving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and thankfulness. Take this holiday to give thanks to your customers, your staff, or any other support to your business. Giving Tuesday follows after Thanksgiving, and some businesses will donate a portion of the proceeds on this day to a certain cause or organization.

6. Cooler Weather and Outdoor Activities

Apple picking, carving pumpkins, jumping in a pile of leaves — autumn is a season for sweater weather and cozy outdoor activities. Share some tips for enjoying the fall weather or local guides to events, especially if you’ll be a vendor there.

7. “Fall” Into Savings

Many items go on sale during the fall, from airfare to wedding supplies to cars and even camping gear. Do some research to see how your brand can fit into these seasonal savings. For example, a popular honeymoon destination may see the airfare and wedding supplies on sale, and offer a special fall discount for newlyweds.

Turn Over a New (Marketing) Leaf

Finding ways to make your social media marketing stand out just involves a little creativity and knowing your audience, especially during this time of year. When many people think of fall, they focus on the warm feeling it gives them and the coziness of the season.
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