Three Things Marketers can Learn from Media

January 18, 2013

A recent article in Mashable reviewed some tips and tricks of the trade that those in the media have learned this year that can easily be applied to marketing efforts as well.  

Here are three of the take-aways: 

Integration is the way of the future. 

In applications for a company’s marketing efforts, this means making sure that the marketing plan offers real time branding of your company’s message, and involves many different aspects of marketing – events, advertising, social media, and public relations should all integrate to send out an overall message.  This takes a lot of effort, including investing in technology, training, and tools to manage a cross-channel message efficiently.

Have a plan B for marketing.

It is important that marketers get used to the rapid responses they are now seeing from customers, and always have a Plan B when it comes to their marketing campaigns.  From the media, we have learned that things are moving at a fast pace – anything you say online can be quickly taken in by your consumers and turned into a meme, or, at worst, hijacked and cause damage to the brand.  An example of the latter came from Starbucks, who’s hashtag “#spreadthecheer” was quickly taken over by brand-bashers in the UK.  It is important to have a rapid response plan, and already be thinking of ways to tweak the marketing campaign in case of emergency.

The media has gone more technical in its designs, and so should you. 

Much like in the physical world, packaging and design matters – customers want something that is visually engaging as well as interesting to read, making it important for you to have a great website.

Sales & Marketing Technologies can help your brand prepare for all of these changes.  We have a trained staff who knows the ins and outs of integrated marketing strategies, social media, and web design.  Contact us today for a free consultation in order to discover what we can do for your brand as you start the new year.

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