Twitter Follows Suit with New Functionality

December 20, 2011

With Facebook’s recent changes to its personal page design, Twitter couldn’t be left behind in updates.  Therefore, Twitter recently implemented significant redesign changes, with new tabs for browsing, embeddable tweets, and even new brand or business pages.

Twitter’s new “Discover” tab runs an algorithm which finds relevant tweets to your interests from people that you do not follow.  Otherwise, the new tabs are basically features that have been available on Twitter before, but have been repackaged.  The embeddable Tweets feature a line of code that can be added to your website, allowing “live” Tweets to be fed into the site, which can then be directly replied to or retweeted (similar to how the Facebook “Like” Button code works).  Already, social media blogs are calling this change incredibly welcome, and say that it will be useful to their sites in the future.

The change that has received the most buzz is the enhanced profile pages for brands.  According to Twitter’s business page, these enhanced pages will allow businesses and brands to more prominently feature their important content, as well as including a logo or header image and delivering a more consistent experience across mobile device platforms.  Twitter also thinks that these new pages will help brands to better communicate with users through not only hashtags but also their @ handles, and also give the opportunity to offer exclusive content to users and keep the messaging fresh and relevant through a combination of promoted tweets and header images and messages.  As companies slowly begin to roll out the new features, it will be interesting to see how they are best utilized to promote brands and businesses.

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