Using Web Site Behavioral Clickstream Data As An Email Targeting Tactic

November 28, 2007

Using web analytics can help you better understand your customer’s needs and help you market to them more effectively. It has been found that emails generated from clickstream data saw a 9x improvement in revenue and 32x more in net profit versus undifferentiated broadcast emails (”The ROI of Email Relevance”, Jupiter Research).

Who has not completed a transaction?

Use your web analytics to see which customers have abandon your shopping cart. After a few days send a reminder email encouraging customers to return and complete the process. You may even want to inform the recipient that their shopping cart will be expiring soon. Another tactic is the include an incentive to purchase the abandon items.

What pages do they visit?

Take a look at the your user’s site usage. Send an email on products or incentives related to the products or categories browsed. It has been found that consumers made an immediate purchase from emails when the email contained the products they were already considering.

When do they visit?

For frequent visitors to your site, invite them to participate in hidden promotions or sweepstakes not available to your other customers. For recent visitors, send a message on the latest products browsed.

From where are they arriving?

Take a look at what referring domains and URLs visitors are coming from. Use this information to target visitors by sending them a message that asserts or reinforces your competitive or leadership position.

Why do they do what they do?

Incorporate email demographics into your web anlytics program, you can then learn what products categories and pages are currently appealing to your demographic segment.


You will need to connect a specific email recipient to the browsing behavior associated with the visitor history or profile in your Web analytics program. You can also use email conversion tracking, in which a customer accesses the site by clicking a trackable link in an email.

There is a challege to using web site behavioral clickstream data as an email targeting tactic. Typically a relatively small portion of the email list lends itself to clickstream targeting.

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by Brent Nau

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Monday, January 19, 2009
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Great insights. Thanks. With your permission, I'll post a link to this blog for my clients. Tricia

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