4 Ways to Motivate Sales Reps to Use CRM

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November 23, 2021

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a popular type of automation that has many advantages for generating sales and retaining customers. When you’re focused on digital marketing and sales, you want to ensure that you’re using every possible tool at your disposal.
For sales reps especially, CRM software is advantageous for various reasons. However, they may take a look at a new tool and either feel it’s too overwhelming to learn or not worth the trouble.
Because of how efficient and user-friendly many CRMs can be, it really swings in your sales reps’ favor to use the tool. Unsure of how to convince them of that? Here are some ways you can explain the positives:

1. Highlight the Benefits

Your sales reps likely find the idea of a new software pretty daunting, but by highlighting the ways it benefits them and the process, you’re helping to show that you care about the outcome as well. CRM can be crucial in streamlining sales, which makes it much quicker and straightforward.
As a result, the sales process will become more efficient. This works for everyone since it saves the company resources and allows the team more time to make additional sales and provide better customer service. It’s a win-win all around! Explaining the numerous advantages of CRM will help motivate sales reps to regularly use it.

2. Emphasize Convenience

As explained above, the software makes the whole process more effective for everyone. This convenience also translates into accessibility when the software is available on mobile.
Since customers will often request information that some sales reps may not always have on hand, using a mobile-friendly CRM is advantageous for all. Plus, mobile features allow more consistency in their learning and usage.

3. Make Standard Practice

Some companies don’t make using CRM software an optional choice. Because of this need for everyone to learn it and adopt these practices, it creates an understanding with the sales reps to become accustomed to the new standard.
By continuing to explain the ways that CRM adds value for everyone, mandating the software doesn’t have to be harsh. Many companies implement new rules which everyone has to adhere to, and this one just happens to be the most beneficial for boosting sales productivity and managing customer data.

4. Provide On-Going Support

If you do require that everyone uses CRM software, it’s especially important to give them time to learn and allow them a steady pace at which to do so. Begin by training them on a few features or tools at a time.
This will show them the ways it assists their process, as well as introduce them to the software without inundating them with an avalanche of information. Easing them into the new way of doing things is the most beneficial route.
It’s vital to make the change to new CRM software a smooth and helpful transition for your sales reps. Call 407.682.2222 or schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see how automation can take your customer service and sales to the next level.

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