What Is Marketing Automation? Is It for You and Your Business?

December 8, 2015

Marketing Automation

Sure, you’ve heard the term, but it’s likely you don’t exactly know what this trend is and what it means for you and your business. In this article, we will educate you on what “exactly” marketing automation is and how it will affect your business. If you want to skip to the end, here’s what you’ll learn… marketing automation saves you time and makes you money. Keep reading if you want to know how.

Marketing Automation Defined

In short, marketing automation is software. We’re not talking your ordinary software here – we are talking about a system that, when properly set up and implemented, is designed to capture leads, continuously communicate/nurture those leads, and successfully turn those leads into business opportunities and sales. Marketing automation is not email marketing; however, email marketing is a component of marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Software

So many choices, so many price points… ”How do I choose?” you ask. Yes, there are many choices in the marketing automation realm. These sales and marketing systems vary in cost, user friendliness and customer support available. Some options include Marketo, Hubspot, SalesForce, Ontraport, and, our favorite, Infusionsoft. If you run a small to midsize company, we personally have found Infusionsoft to provide the most for your marketing dollar, allowing you to recoup your costs within just a few months. Once you hit profit, there is no end to the business sales growth available to you and your business.

Marketing Automation For Capturing and Tracking Leads

Often, we speak with smart marketers or sales staff who don’t know how to quickly and effectively communicate with their incoming leads. Whereas that might seem like a great problem to have, in fact, we estimate 50 – 75% of your potential business may be lost due to lack of systems to properly identify, track and communicate with those leads.

Infusionsoft adds a unique tracking code to each individual that is captured into your system, and can be tagged to the ad source (Google Ads, Facebook, Organic Search, Referral, etc.) that drove the lead. Now, not only do you have a lead that you can communicate with and nurture, you also know which of your advertising sources are best performing.

Marketing Automation Campaigns and Sales Conversions

Once you’ve captured a lead, you want to communicate with them, and ultimately produce a sale, correct? This is where the fun begins. Infusionsoft and other comparable systems allow you to set up automated email campaigns based on the interests identified while capturing this lead. These campaigns are designed to encourage action. Did you know, once a lead takes just ONE action (such as downloading an ebook or signing up for a newsletter), they are over 50% more likely to become a client and purchase a related product or service from you?

Once you have set up your campaigns, you can sit back and let the system do the follow-up work for you.

Marketing and Sales Automation… Is it for my business and me?

That’s up to you, but if you wish to save time and money, here is how you can benefit from Infusionsoft and other marketing automation systems:

  • Marketing and sales automation allows you to quickly and effectively ensure each new lead is followed up with immediately, thus, the lead nurture begins the moment you receive a lead, no matter what time of day or night.

  • Marketing and sales automation allows your business to continuously follow up with leads without having to manually contact every prospect in your system.

  • Marketing and sales automation allows you to create campaigns and track buying behavior.

  • Marketing and sales automation minimizes the labor time spent by your sales people on lead follow-up, allowing them the opportunity to focus on your top prospects.

Marketing Automation Implementation

You may have someone in-house to set up your system and manage the campaigns, or you may wish to seek out a partner for the set up and implementation of your system. We recommend contacting an Infusionsoft Certified Partner to see if your company is a good candidate for marketing automation.

As marketing automation experts and Infusionsoft Certified Partners, we at Sales & Marketing Technologies love to watch our clients grow and make money though the implementation of these systems. Call us at (407) 682-2222 to speak with one of our experts today.

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