Why Online Marketing Should Be In Your 2010 Marketing Budget

December 10, 2009

If it’s not too late, I wanted to go over your 2010 marketing budget.  No, I physically can’t look over it, but what I can do is list off reasons why you should invest in an online marketing strategy.

It’s a tough advertising world out there with all of the advertising options you have (especially when they ALL say they deliver a good ROI).  I’m not here to pick on the other guys today, I’m just here to tell you what online marketing can do for your business.

The Numbers

According to a recent report from eMarketer, US online advertising spending will dramatically increase from 2009 to 2014 and I don’t think this is a fluke.  

The whole point of advertising is to get your brand, service, and/or product in front of an audience; a large audience.  We all know that the internet is seeing rapid growth, so I’m not going to post any statistics with the number of internet users for in North America or anything like that.  I will share this tip though: Start advertising where the people are. 


With online marketing, you have more control over your marketing campaign compared to offline marketing.  Typical offline marketing strategies such as magazines or television ads prohibit you to make quick changes for obvious reasons.  The flexibility of marketing online is so powerful because our society is ALWAYS changing.   

It’s as easy as writing new content, changing pictures around, or using Social Media to interact through live conversation.  If knowledge is power, flexibility must be knowledge’s cousin.

Online Marketing ROI

For all the numbers people, almost all online marketing enables you to track ROI very easily! Most, if not all online marketing techniques are track-able.  By track-able, I mean that each campaign will accurately allow you to calculate your ROI . 

For example, let’s say you have an e-Commerce and an SEO marketing strategy in place.  If your SEO costs you X amount of dollars (investment) and you received 2 conversions which totaled at Y dollars (return).  Then your ROI would be [(Y – X) / X)] * 100. 

Track in Real Time

However you setup your online marketing strategy, most techniques (PPC, SEO, etc.) have a tool that can track your marketing initiatives in real time!  See how many conversions you received from an email newsletter you sent out, or perhaps the amount of blog subscribers you have.  All in real time.  


While I only listed a few reasons to make room in your 2010 marketing budget for online marketing, there are many of them.  Let Sales & Marketing Technologies help you with your 2010 online marketing.  Contact us now to begin growing your business!

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