Yelp Cracks Down on Fake Reviews

November 5, 2012

At Sales & Marketing Technologies, we understand the importance of review websites, and making sure your company is portrayed properly.  We already work with many different organizations on their reputation management.  One of the biggest parts of reputation management is monitoring what users are saying about your products and services online at review sites, such as

Recently, Yelp announced that it will be increasing its efforts in making sure that consumer reviews are all accurate, and from real customers.  In the past, some disgruntled customers have overused Yelp, writing multiple negative reviews based on the same experience.  On the flip side, businesses have stacked their good reviews by paying companies or individuals to write positive reviews.  It has added a feature that allows Yelp to flag the company’s page with a notice saying “We caught someone red-handed trying to buy reviews” and even gives the consumers the option to view the fake reviews.

The notice remains on the infringing business’ page for 90 days, and even longer if the company is found buying reviews again within that period of time.  With these notifications, Yelp is hoping to create a strong deterrent for businesses against abusing the system.

This is great for consumers as it helps ensure that they are getting the most accurate information they can, with automated review filters working to flag any biased reviews.

What can you do to ensure that your reputation is remaining intact while only receiving valid and organic reviews? 

A call to action for your customers is important - both in person and online, encourage them to go to Yelp or other online review sites and review their experience if it was good.

If you need help weaving your way through the many possible review sites, or monitoring your reputation online, Sales & Marketing Technologies is here to help.  For a free consultation, contact us today online or at 407-682-2222 to get started.

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