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ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. –  (November 24, 2009) – Online sales still remains a mystery to many small and medium-sized business owners. 
Many small and medium-sized businesses create a Web site, only to be disappointed to find no change in their overall business.  What is usually missing, according to a leading Florida Web development and Digital marketing firm, Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT), is an online sales component that allows online visitors to buy directly from the Web site.
“Many companies work hard to create a Web site to tell their story, but they often fail to include the means for online visitors to buy what they see,” said Dave Larson, SMT’s president & CEO.  “If a business has already made the investment to get a Web site visitor to their site, it only makes sense to provide the means to make a purchase.”
By adding a sales component to their Web site, smaller companies can economically and effectively compete without the considerable investment in additional sales personnel and support, said Larson.
Larson said there are three primary reasons an online sales component makes good business sense for smaller businesses:
  • An online sales component makes it easy for customers to buy
  • Online sales expands your market by overcoming time and distance
  • The affordability of adding an online sales center is comparatively inexpensive
“Today’s consumer is stressed,” Larson points out.  “They have less money, less time, and less inclination to shop. By adding an online sales element to your Web site, you overcome time and distance and you make it as easy as possible for the online buyer to purchase your product or service “
For an E-Commerce Web site without the complexity, Sales & Marketing Technologies offers a product called a Conversion Site.  The Conversion Site is a complete Web site solution including the sales transaction capability.  The Conversion Site includes features that online buyers have grown familiar including online forms, account registration for repeat shoppers, featured items, and the use of a credit card to purchase via the Internet.
To make it easy for the business owner, SMT handles the design, construction and content creation of the Web site.  Once the Web site is online, the content can be easily edited by the business owner. “Our clients can easily change prices, add or delete items or make special offers at the click of a button,” explained SMT’s Larson. “We also train our client so they can make Web site changes. That way they don’t have to pay us to make updates.”
The Conversion Site with E-Commerce comes with a powerful array of standard features, including:
  • Content Management System
  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Management Database
  • Blog with RSS feed
  • Advanced Shopping Cart
  • Online real time credit cards
  • Shipping Manager
  • Phone call tracking
“In today’s online-oriented business environment, a business that fails to provide the Web site visitor with the means to purchase online is missing a huge opportunity.  The answer?  Get a Conversion Site that allows the online shopper the means to make a purchase,” said Larson.
Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT) is a leading full-service Web development and Digital marketing company. SMT creates, develops and markets custom Websites for businesses in the U.S., U.K., Caribbean, and South America.  Additionally, SMT offers Digital marketing and lead generation programs, consulting Web hosting services, strategic planning and social media integration. More information: 407.682.2222. www.smtusa.com.
More information:
Dave Larson, 407-682-2222 x 204, dlarson@smtusa.com
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