An Important Addition to Your Business' Social Media Arsenal


Creating Your Business Circles on Google+
Recently, we posted blogs discussing why Google+ is an important addition to your business’ social
media arsenal, and how the new Search+ feature being rolled out by Google could have an effect on your future SEO efforts.  While creating a Google+ account to start and sharing the right content are important parts of the social media process, it is also important to find the right followers to share your business page with.  You should look for an audience that is relevant to your business.  You can do this by targeting the right location, topic, and other demographics.  By picking relevant people to share your Google+ page with, you will be able to reach your business goals with a little more ease. 

How can you ensure they will be relevant?  First, be selective – don’t just accept anyone and everyone.  Set criteria for those you want to add to your circles, and stick with it.  By picking people who will add to the value and enrich the networking experience, you can ensure your Google+ business page is a valuable asset to your company.  Once you have begun developing circles filled with valuable people, you can create a campfire environment for them, where they can share ideas and comment on the relevant posts you have included on your site.  By providing information about a shared goal or interest, you give people a reason to keep coming back to your page. 

It is important to remain consistent with your business page and your offline presence as well.  By targeting the same consumer and broadcasting the same messages, you can help provide continuity so your clients come to trust your brand and know what to expect from it.
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Spotlight Client: ShadesToYou
                                             Window Shades, Shutter & Blinds 

Quality, Affordability, Convenience and Outstanding Customer Service are the cornerstones at ShadesToYou. Family-owned and operated, ShadeToYou has been serving the residential, commercial and wholesale clients across Central Florida since 2001.

Windows are an essential component of a home. Not only do fashionable blinds, shades and shutters accentuate a home’s décor, they provide privacy, sun protection and energy-saving benefits.
Visit our beautifully styled showroom to view a variety of shutters, blinds, cellular and solar shades, roller shades, gliding panels, draperies and top treatments, as well as motorzied shades for those hard-to-reach windows or rooms full of windows.  ShadesToYou offers a full line of hard treatments, soft draperies and top treatments to creat a custom layered look for your home.
With nearly 15 Window Covering Consultants, thoroughly trained in all aspects of the products’ materials and functionality, ShadesToYou is able to guide you through the design and purchasing process. Once a selection is made, detailed measurements are taken, and the order is placed. Most products allow only a 2 to 3 week lead time, which clients find is well worth the short wait for a custom treatment for their home.

“We have taken a complicated process and simplified it so we can sell directly and pass the savings on to our customers,” says Bob Czesnakowicz, President of ShadeToYou.

ShadesToYou prides themselves on their personalized approach to clients, by getting to know them even before stepping foot into their home. Bob tailored his business taking into consideration the needs of his client, “We take full responsibility for the process from the initial contact with the customer to their ultimate satisfaction after installation.”

With the right company standing behind you, new window treatments are an easy and affordable way to upgrade your home adding value for resale. The staff and consultants at ShadesToYou are happy to work with you, helping you to achieve your desired results without exceeding your budget.

Customers are also welcome to bring nearly any brand shade to ShadesToYou to be fixed on site within 48 hours.

For more information on ShadeToYou, please visit us at to schedule an appointment with one of our Window Covering Consultants for a free in-home consultation and estimate. 

Happy Birthday YouTube!

We at SMT would like to wish YouTube a Happy Birthday!
YouTube employees uploaded their first video to this website in April 2005, a 19-second video featuring co-founder Jawed Karim at the zoo. Since this initial video upload, YouTube has gone onto become a unit of Google, and houses more video content than any other location in history, on or offline, and more videos have been uploaded to YouTube in a single month than the three major television networks in the United States have created in sixty years. Every minute, sixty hours of video are uploaded – meaning one hour of content per second. Four billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day, for a total of three billion hours of video being watched every month. In 2011 alone, YouTube had more than a trillion views on its website – which boils down to 140 views for every person on earth.

However, YouTube is not just a great entertainment venue; YouTube can play a key role social media and digital marketing strategies. As YouTube videos consistently rank high in Google searches, and also give customers a visual representation of your company, you can showcase your products and services in a novel way. By including your keywords in the title of your video, as well as your URL and important key phrases in the description, YouTube is a very handy and very easy tool for getting the word out on your business.

If you need help setting up your YouTube account, or advice on how to optimize your current account, contact us online or call 1-800-434-0339 today for help! 

Soon you can be reaching the millions of YouTube viewers traveling to their website every day.

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