Content Marketing 101: 5 Things Every Website Owner Needs to Know NOW


July 2011 - Newsletter
By: Erik Baeumlisberger, July 22, 2011

Content Marketing is the process by which informative and useful content is created for the specific purpose of attracting new business.

While content can be syndicated and otherwise re-published online for SEO purposes, concerns within the industry have significantly diminished the importance of article marketing. These concerns have changed the way website owners think about what new content to add to their sites, where to add it and why they should be adding it in the first place.

A successful Content Marketing strategy starts with 5 things:

Choosing a relevant topic
Google News can be a good place to start when thinking about topical content ideas, but make sure the process stops there. Resist the urge to simply reword the thoughts of others.

Solving a problem
The best articles are the ones that solve (or aim to solve) for a problem specific to your users. Examples of good problem solving articles are:

  • Printer-friendly how-to guides
  • What to look for when choosing a product or service
  • Data obtained from customer or peer surveys about hot topics in your industry
  • Conference or seminar recaps for those who could not attend
  • Discussion of continuing education materials for those industries with certification exams
  • User-specific case studies
Providing proof
Whenever possible, support your findings by citing the similar findings of others or by publishing test results / survey data.

Being objective
Always be objective when analyzing test results and survey data. Futhermore be objective in your promotional attempts. No one wants to read a commercial for your company. The real value of content is the service it provides to its readers.

Composing a well-written article
Improper structure, run-on sentences, incomplete thoughts and bad grammar can instantly discount your efforts. Find a schoolteacher and have him/her proofread your content. You’ll be surprised as to what they find. More importantly, learn from their edits and adjust your efforts accordingly.

Success of your Content Marketing effort can be measured by the amount of backlinks generated, the amount of comments made to your post, the number of social shares or any other engagement metric relevant to the article content such as white paper downloads or RSS subscriptions.

The real strength of Content Marketing lies in its ability to create authority. By becoming the authoritative voice of your industry, website owners develop and nurture an engaged audience. Engaged audiences are conversion-friendly, which aids in the procurement of both leads and sales.


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