Google+ For Business Is Here


Google+ For Businesses Is Here!!!

Julie Ruebush

Google+ recently added businesses to the mix of their social networking platform.  This was an exciting turn, and could mean big things for businesses in the future as they leverage this platform.

For personal Google+ accounts and now businesses as well, there are a few key features that stick out and give it an advantage over other social media websites.  One of these is circles.  Google+ circles allow you to

better target communication by creating lists of your followers.  For businesses, “Customer” “VIP” or “Team Member” groups come standard, and they can be renamed or tweaked to your company’s uses, and you can also add more circles to ensure the right people are receiving the correct content about you and your business.  It is important to note, though, that a user must add a business before the business can add them back.  While this is a way to prevent spam and helps to target users who are actually interested in the product, it can be frustrating at the page’s beginning stages, as it waits for customers to add the page.

Another advantage of Google+ is the use of Hangouts.  Hangouts allow you to chat with other users, using webcams.  For businesses, this allows the collaboration over Google Docs in real time, as well as sharing videos and pictures, turning Hangouts into a meeting over a virtual whiteboard.  In regards to clients, Hangouts could allow businesses to run feedback sessions in real time through Google+, allowing companies to gain insight into their products and customer base in a cost efficient way.

Finally, a new feature is being rolled out along with the Google+ business accounts allowing for direct connect.  With this, users are able to easily search and find the Google+ pages they want to find, by simply adding the + symbol to the front of their Google search.

As the business pages progress, there are more features that many companies hope Google will add to the Google+ Business pages.  These include vanity URLs, allowing companies to brand their business in their URL (currently, the URL displays as a string of numbers).  Another hope is that Google+ will introduce Analytics, in order to track who has been interacting with the page and how, and allow businesses to get more insight into their users’ demographics, and information about their social activities, including +1s, shares, and their comments.

So in the ever changing world of Social Media, here is another one to add to the list! Don’t get left behind set up your Google + business page today. Or if you need help with this and other Social Media platforms contact us at Sales & Marketing Technologies, 407-682-2222! 

The World’s First and Only Electronic Eyeglasses at The Eye Associates in Sarasota and Bradenton

Cindy Baxter, The Eye Associates

You already have your smart phone. Now you can have smart eyeglasses. The Eye Associates in Sarasota and Bradenton proudly becomes part of history in the making, having been selected as one of the first to introduce the world’s first and only electronic eyeglasses to the Florida Suncoast. The emPower eyeglasses’ revolutionary technology is heralded as the single most significant advancement in prescription lenses in 50 years. emPower even won the Future Tech Award for the Most Innovative at the 2011 International Consumer Electronic Show, and were selected by CNBC as a top ‘must have’ of 2011.

Combining sophisticated optical lens design with the latest in consumer electronics, emPower eyeglasses by PixelOptics join popular user-activated devices like smartphones, iPads, GPS and iPods. Designed to replace traditional progressive lenses, the emPower utilizes a layer of transparent liquid crystals, similar to those used in HDTVs, to electronically change the optical properties of the lenses. Unlike traditional multifocal eyewear, these glasses enable the wearer to control vision according to their needs. If lying in bed, for example, the near mode may be turned off to view TV…if golfing, the near mode may be turned off for the swing and then on again to fill in the score card. The changes required by a given activity can be switched from far to near in less than the blink of an eye and without moving parts or sound.  Additionally, the lens offers as another added benefit a wider field of intermediate and near vision than traditional progressives.

To turn the near power on or off manually only requires a tap on the right arm of the frame. To choose the automatic mode, one simply slides a finger along the side of the frame. Automatic mode engages an accelerometer, a device that senses the tilt of the head and automatically supplies the appropriate correction for the task at hand. While these amazing glasses appear to perform miracles, they look, weigh and feel like regular, high-fashion eyewear. The lenses include anti-reflective coating, scratch resistant coating, and are fitted with your prescription using high-index, thin lens material. They are available in over 30 different styles of frames, and each pair is packaged with an electronic control package, internal power source and a charger with 110 AC adapter. For most people, a single charge lasts 2-3 days. Patients can now experience the highest level of comfort and flexibility an optical device has ever delivered for an affordable price range of $1250 to $1400.

“The emPower eyeglasses are truly amazing. It is like the future is here,” says Dr. Scott Han from The Eye Associates. “In today’s world, we mostly use our intermediate vision (for phones, computer, Ipads) and distance vision. Studies show that we only use the near portion of our lens about 30% of the time…so that means that 70% of the time, the reading is in the way. Now with emPower, you turn it on when you want it, and off when you don’t.”

The Eye Associates knew that it would be a must-have for the techie and people that like to be the first to have technology, but they have been surprised that the biggest demand has been from seniors because of the enhanced safety factor. It can be challenging and unsafe for bifocal and progressive wearers to walk down stairs because of the blurring through the reading area. With emPower, you can turn the reading power off, and walk safer without the distortion of the reading power.

The attached video details the capabilities and advantages this technology brings to the optical industry.
For more information regarding the emPower lenses go to
Or contact Cindy Baxter, 941-792-2020,


1. The glasses have a parts list associated more with iPods than with optics.

2. A built-in accelerometers that senses the downward bend of a head and instantly pops that reading power in the lens

3. The process of bringing these glasses to market — in a stylish form — took 12 years and roughly 275 patents.

4. The work on the new lenses started with the liquid crystals in computers, not in spectacles. In 1999, Dr. Blum and his group were working on ways to help aging eyes read a computer screen. Originally, they had hoped to put the extra reading power directly into the liquid crystal display on the computers, which at that time had thick screens. But as the screens grew thinner, it was no longer practical to do so. “So we had to take what we’d put into the computer screen and put it into your lenses,” Dr. Blum said.

5. emPower has  been seen on Regis & Kelly show, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, and in NY Times and USA Today papers and Gizmodo and PC Magazine…just to name a few… and the emPower electronic glasses won the Future Tech award for the Most Innovative at the 2011 International Consumer Electronic Show.  CNBC selected emPower glasses as one of the top 5 ‘must haves’ of 2011 as well as PC Magazine choosing them as one of the BEST electronic products of 2011 CES show.     

6.    And just like your Bentley requires a higher level mechanic than a standard car, these lenses require a well trained optician for the fitting and a highly skilled optometrist with advanced training  for the eye exam.

Google Infinite Scroll Better Exposure?

Julie Ruebush

Google is starting to test out a new feature – “infinite scroll”.  Already implemented in its Images search section, infinite scroll would allow readers to click to view more results on the same page instead of continuing through pages 2, 3, or 4 when performing a search engine query.  In essence, this feature would allow everyone to rank for “page 1” on the Google search results.

You may wonder what sort of impact this will have on your company’s SEO.  For starters, there will now be multiple chances to “rank number one” as people click to show more results, making rankings 11, 21, 31, etc. also important.  Beyond this, the first few results on each “new page” as more results are shown would also receive increased importance, as eye tracking studies show users tend to focus more directly on the first few listings, and then focus fades as they continue to scroll down the screen.  This will also give websites more opportunities when it comes to local search, as there are more opportunities for local businesses to rank number one as well.

Universal search and rich snippets will also be useful in drawing the eye to your page.  Universal search blends various kinds of content in the search engine results, including videos, images, news, blog posts, shopping, etc.  These different types of content often include image thumbnails to represent the video, news, or products on the page.  Rich snippets include markup codes that can enhance your search engine listing, including ratings, reviews, events, and other items.

The addition of infinite scroll could also bring about changes in paid advertisements.  As infinite scroll allows for more space for paid advertisements on Google, it is hypothesized that the AdWords inventory will increase as well, helping both paid search advertisers and Google, as the increased ad inventory will help advertisers gain more exposure and clicks and therefore increase Google’s revenue.  The format of ads as well as ad extensions will become even more important, allowing for a wide variety of advertisement opportunities not only within the search results but also on the side bar.

Finally, there are social media and Google+ implications for the infinite scroll feature.  It is possible Google will add some Google+ related information along the sidebar, for example, including location-based social recommendations that drive users to Google+ to interact with other users and organizations.  It is possible that Google+ advertisements will also become prominent, allowing advertisers to leverage both search and social information.

As Google continues to roll out the new feature, it will become more and more clear what future implications it has for business search results and advertisement.

Special December Offer - Mobile Website - Special Offer
90.1 Million

The word from eMarketer (8/2011) there are now over 90.1 million smartphone users in the U.S.   That is about 31% of the population.   Seems there is still quite a bit of room for growth.

These folks have the smartphones and they are using them to research and buy.   According to Google/OTX,  70% of smartphone users use their device while shopping in-store and 53% of searchers purchase as a result of a smartphone search.

To take full advantage of this lucrative and growing market, you need a mobile website geared towards this audience.

If you don’t have a mobile website and you think you do, let the Internet experts at SMT show you how to leverage your web assets into a mobile version at a very attractive rate.

Through the month of December, SMT is offering the creation of any mobile website  at a  20% discount if you sign up before January 1, 2012.

To qualify for the special rate, simply call 1-888-670-6905 or email your account manager (this month) and let them know you want the December Mobile Special.  That’s it!

Take care of this last important piece of business and enjoy the holidays knowing 2012 will be off to a great st

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