Social Media NOT the same as Social Business


May 2011 Newsletter

by Erik Baeumlisberger

We often see companies create their own social media profiles, only to abandon them a few short months later.
At the beginning, company executives and staff are very excited about the prospect of creating and maintaining social profiles.
The task to create and market these profiles is usually given to the person in the organization with the highest (personal) social acumen.
What businesses quickly figure out is that managing social interactions on a personal level is far different than sourcing sales and leads via social media (Social Business).  
Even the most social-savvy among you will need training in order to correctly identify both revenue generating opportunities and customer feedback channels from within the social sphere.
Understanding Challenges and Defining Realistic Social Business Goals
The biggest challenges faced when creating, maintaining and sustaining a Social Business effort are the justification, assignment and management of content creation. Here are some tips that will help you get started:

  • Define goals and micro goals for your campaigns
    Example Goals: Leads, Sales, Sign-ups
    Example Micro-goals: Page / Product Views, Comments, RSS Subscriptions, Followers
  • Develop a project scope and assign deliverables
    Be realistic about the amount of time your staff can (and will) commit each month. Consider outsourcing the project planning to an organization offering social business consulting

  • Avoid leaps of faith by taking smaller steps
    Instant social business success is rare. Focus on a consistent voice and the creation of supportive content. Measure, revise and re-deploy.

Control the Distribution of Messages
We’ve identified more than a dozen social business channels that require serious attention for business operating by sales / leads. Creating content for those channels at a consistent, sustainable pace is imperative for social business success. Additionally, identifying the right mix of cross-channel promotion can greatly improve conversion numbers.
Track both macro and micro-conversions
Use a combination of analytics and sentiment analysis tools to measure both macro-conversions (sales) and micro-conversions (discount code usage).
Analyze your conversion data and define messages and outlets that work well for you.

Scaling Your Efforts
Developing an in-house Social Business team won’t happen overnight, but it can happen with the right amount of coaching and support.
Executives, Product Managers, Project Managers and Production Staff must all understand their roll in Social Business. Once they do, a scalable effort will not only become possible, it will become probable.
For help scaling your Social Business effort contact Sales & Marketing Technologies and start building a manageable, sustainable and profitable engagement today!


Client Spotlight:  FAS Windows & Doors

Even in a bad economy, there are some businesses that not only survive, but actually grow.  There must be a reason why.  The founder and CEO of FAS Windows & Doors, Ernie Wilding, has applied his 40 years of construction and building experience to become Central Florida’s premier window and door supplier for new construction builders as well as homeowners renovating existing homes.
Ernie and John launched FAS Windows & Doors in early 2005. In a relatively short time, FAS has seen unprecedented growth, boasting an impressive list of clientele including many of Florida’s premier custom luxury homebuilders, architects and designers.
Each employee at FAS is trained to offer exceptional products with exceptional service.  Customer service is the driving force behind FAS’s success.  Though representatives will gladly make onsite calls, clients are encouraged to visit one of the FAS’s state-of-the-art showrooms.  At each of these facilities, customers are seated in comfortable leather chairs positioned around the plasma flat-screen television – where an extensive line of products is showcased – and customers are offered a tour of the warehouse as well.
The selection of windows and doors at FAS in unprecedented; virtually any shape, size, color and style are within the customer’s reach.  Pricing is catered to the budget of the client, and everything from state-of-the-art technology to simple and practical selections are available.
At FAS, you choose from a vast selection of replacement windows and doors as well as new construction products.  If window and doors are in your future plans, call FAS today at 1-888-858-3280 or visit and get the most value for the best price.



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