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 Facebook to Hit a Billion Users

Not to be outdone by YouTube’s recent birthday celebration, other social media networks have made some big announcements as well about the number of viewers and visitors they have. Twitter is currently ranked number two in most members, with over 500 million accounts registered for their site – although they say only 140 million of these accounts are active.

While Twitter’s numbers are impressive, Facebook continues to be the leader in social network members, as it disclosed that it hit 901 million users in the month of April. This is up from the IPO paperwork that Facebook filed with the SEC in February, which totaled its members at 845 million. This was after it was estimated that Facebook would hit a billion users by August 2012.

The sheer number of Facebook users is unfathomable – at 901 million, there are more people using Facebook than living in the entire country of India. Beyond that, there are more than 500 million users who log onto Facebook daily, making it the most frequently used social network to date. In the future, it is likely that sociology textbooks will refer to Facebook’s creation as one of the biggest social-related events in the modern era.

So as Facebook continues to be the forerunner of social media, it is important to get your business’ name out there and really engage with your customer base.

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Spotlight Client - Clearwater Dental Associates

Clearwater Dental Associates, located in Clearwater Florida, has a new look to their website,
. The website was redesigned to improve patient education and communication between new and existing patients and the office. The new website offers many educational videos which help to explain common cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers and Invisalign. Through these videos, patients will be able to learn more about these procedures improving their understanding about their oral health.

Our new website has up to date reviews from our patients about their experience at our office. Patients can also link to our Facebook page to see more photos of our state of the art office and read more reviews from patients.
Dr. Nolan Allen and Dr. James Hayslett founded Clearwater Dental Associates in 1978. Dr. Matt Burton joined the practice in 2003 and Dr. Maria Hernandez has been an associate in the practice since 1992.

Clearwater Dental Associates also offers the of Oral Surgery, Orthodontics and Endodontics, making it one of the largest private group practices in Pinellas County.
For more information on Clearwater Dental Associates, visit them at

Tips for Writing Engaging Content

Here are some tips which are often overlooked when writing blogs and articles. At the end of the day you want people to read your information, not just the search engine bots.
First and foremost, you need an engaging title that sparks interest and includes strategic keywords that support the subject.

Next, make sure your content is easy to understand and interesting to the reader. Think about your audience before writing a blog or other content.

If you want to follow the gold standard of print journalism, be sure to check out the Associated Press (AP) style of writing as it allows you to give your blog a professional appearance. Headings, subheadings, bullet lists or numbered lists, and bold or italic characters, used sparingly, are recommended to organize your content for readability while highlighting the most important details.

Different types of content should be used as well. Use multimedia, such as images and videos, to emphasize what you are writing. If you are citing external references, it is important to link to them to help raise your credibility. Practical examples are also an important tool to support your subject.

Regularly publishing new, interesting and relevant information about your company will be sure to alert search engines that you are keeping your website up to date. The search engines will index your website more often once the content has been written and can be optimized for search engines with well chosen keywords, a description, and links.

Finally, make sure that you are including a call to action, or interaction, by asking your viewers to respond to the posts; in addition, include the social share buttons, allowing your readers to easily share your content with their friends on social networks

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