Twitter Speaks Out on Google Search


Twitter Speaks Out on Google Search and Google+ Integration

Fast on the heels of Google’s announcement it would be integrating Google+ results with its regular search results, Twitter released a statement opposing the new changes. Twitter spokesman Matt Graves said that people often rely on Google to deliver the most relevant results when they want to find something on the internet. Often, these results are coming from Twitter: “As we’ve seen time and time again, news breaks first on Twitter; as a result, Twitter accounts and Tweets are often the most relevant results”. This update will affect the reported 62 million users of Google+, making it a major update for them.

In its dissent, Twitter went on to describe itself as a “vital source of real time information” as it has 100 million users who send 250 million Tweets every day. By adding in Google+ results to Google’s search, finding the most relevant and up-to-date results about world news could be more difficult for users. As Twitter puts it, “we think that’s bad for people, publishers, news organizations, and Twitter users”.

Google was quick to respond, saying they were a “bit surprised by Twitter’s comments” as they did not renew their agreement with Google in the summer of 2011. This agreement gave the search engine access to public tweets on the Twitter network. By not renewing the contact, Twitter has already made it more difficult for users to receive results with social media context, making Google representatives wonder about the outrage.

Since the initial announcement and backlash, though, social media outlets have been silent about the changes. Online news source Mashable reached out to Facebook representatives for comment, but they declined. What do you think about the changes to the Google search? And, more importantly, how will these changes affect your company’s website? SMT can help you navigate these changes.
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Client Spotlight - A Primer on Surety Bonds

After nearly 20 years of owning and running The
ProSure Group, a surety bond agency in Tampa, David Shick knows everything you ever wanted to know about this specialty insurance niche, but were afraid to ask.

Suretyship is a specialized guarantee provided by surety or insurance companies that is created when one party guarantees the performance of an obligation by another party. “That differentiates it from most insurance,” explained The ProSure Group’s President David Shick. “The bond does not typically protect the entity that purchased it.”

Two common types of surety bonds are used in the construction industry. Bid bonds guarantee that should the contractor win a bid, it will enter into the contract and subsequently provide performance and payment bonds. The performance and payment bonds then guarantee that the contractor will perform the contract and pay all the related subcontractors and suppliers.

The surety bond agency needs to sell the carrier on the customer’s ability to do the job. “You typically need the contractors’ financial statements, credit reports, project references , and payment histories to place them with insurers/sureties like Travelers, CNA or Liberty Mutual, so applying for one is similar to applying for a loan.”

The bond companies/insurers rely on agencies to provide a level of comfort that this contractor can get the job done. At the same time, the agency needs to find a carrier that is a good fit for the client. “We take a strategic, targeted approach to matching clients with carriers,” Shick said.

One of the largest surety bond agencies in the southeastern United States, The ProSure Group places more than $1 billion dollars annually in construction and commercial surety bonds and fidelity bonds. In addition to construction bonds, the company provides commercial bonds for a wide range of industries, such as auto dealers, oil and fuel companies, auction houses, mortgage brokers, and process servers along with the more obscure sectors of boxing promoters and venomous reptile handlers. It also places court bonds, including bankruptcy trustee bonds, injunction bonds, appeal bonds, personal representative and executor bonds, professional guardianship bonds, and conservator bonds.

For more information on The ProSure Group, please visit

About Us:
Founded in 1993 by David B. Shick, The ProSure Group is one of the largest surety bond agencies in the southeastern United States. The agency places over one billion dollars annually in construction and commercial surety bonds and fidelity bonds through some of the largest and most specialized insurance carriers in the world. The ProSure Group‘s clients include large construction companies, law firms, insurance agencies, auto dealers, electronic fund transfer companies, oil and fuel companies, retail companies, agricultural companies, and many other industries. Based in Tampa, The ProSure Group serves clients throughout Florida.

Why Should Your Business Join Google+
Although Google+ has been around for months, many are not utilizing it for its full social media potential. This especially holds true for businesses that can increase awareness through the network, as more than 90 million users have already jumped on the Google+ bandwagon. Of these users, 60% log onto Google+ every single day, and 80% engage on Google+ on a weekly basis, sharing and ranking other people’s posts and comments with ease. Google+ can not only help your business increase its visibility, but also help customers find your business faster and easier.

The most important factor in how your business can benefit from Google+ is the use of sharing. It is important to not only share content about your actual business, but to share information that entertains and interests your audience, and is consistent with your image. This allows you to strengthen the image of your brand. Think of your Google+ account like a magazine for your business. It is important to share original information as well as others’ ideas, and to post several times a day so you reach people in different time zones (if you are a larger business). It is also important to remember to share information that is mainly relevant (with an 80/20 ratio of on-topic to off topic posts) and to only share information that your company would endorse.

But unlike a magazine, you cannot just put your content out there, you also have to interact with your followers. Build trust with them by not only commenting on your shared posts, but also by responding to others comments, and using the Google+ “+1” feature to show others that you like their posts and comments. By sharing and entertaining your customers, you build trust. You can also use your Google+ page for customer service, by offering videos or other materials to help them resolve issues, and by responding to any questions or complaints they have in a timely manner.

If you are worried about all of this taking too much time, there are ways to effectively get all of your Google+ work, or any social media work, done. First, spend a few minutes finding something to post for your users to enjoy. Once you have shared a new post, spend time engaging on previous posts, commenting on things others have said, and then read posts by others and comment on them. This can be broken up into a few 15-minute breaks during the day, or all done within an hour.
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