Why Should You Blog?



September 2010 Newsletter

By Dave Vanz

Blogging, a word formed out of the term "web logging" is an effective low-cost way to create new business opportunities from the internet.  Blogging increases your exposure on search engines and gets your business in front of more people, including potential new customers.  In addition, blogging gives you an opportunity to engage your customers, and positions your business as a vibrant and authoritative presence in its industry.

You're an expert in what you do and your passion is strong for helping people. Whether it's a service you provide or a product people need, in whatever capacity you stand, you are important.  If what you have to offer is important, then you can bet that people are searching the web asking search engines various questions as they hunt down an answer.  What websites are going to pop up?  The ones Google feels best answer the question relative to the search. 

Stay tuned in for next month, as we'll be talking about how to choose the right topics to blog about!


Create Custom Forms on the Fly

By Joanna Smith

Need to collect specific information from your web visitors?  Sales and Marketing Technologies puts you in the driver’s seat, empowering you to easily create your own forms  with our custom Form Generator.  Our Form Generator allows you to add an unlimited number of questions, with many "answer types", such as text boxes, drop down boxes, checkboxes and even a file upload box.   Once the forms have been submitted from your website, they are sent to you via email, and are also instantly available in your Web Manager.  All of the information collected in the forms may be exported into Excel.  

For those of you who have a Constant Contact ® account, (feel free to ask us if you don't know what that is) you can add a newsletter signup checkbox to your form, which would submit the information seamlessly to Constant Contact ®.

We think you will be impressed with how easy it is to create your own forms with the SMT Form Generator!

For more information on the SMT Form Generator, please contact your account manager

Client Spotlight

Jiffy Steamer
Family owned and operated for 70 years, Jiffy Steamer has become an iconic American company.  As the worlds oldest and largest manufacturer of steaming equipment, they go far beyond steaming hats back into shape and getting wrinkles out of clothes.  They're a company that stands proud with their American heritage and employee culture.  Forty people are on staff at Jiffy Steamer.  If you walk into their building, chances are it won't be long before you realize that the people you see working there feel like family.  Turnover at the company is at an extreme low, with the average employee staying with the company for over 18 years!  This is very uncommon, especially in today's job market.  
Along with a strong employee culture, Jiffy Steamer has also stayed true to its American heritage.  The company has been passionate about playing their part in supporting American jobs by keeping 98% of the components in their equipment American made.
There are many great stories behind the 70 years and four generations of family running Jiffy Steamer, and there will be many more for years to come.  As the company remains entrenched in the middle of America, their manufactured products spread out far and beyond; into all 50 states and 48 countries.  For more information about Jiffy Steamer, visit them at www.jiffysteamer.com


Other SMT News 

Sales and Marketing Technologies is excited to announce our new customer, Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau. CICB is the nations first and oldest crane inspection and certification company.

We look forward to developing and managing their site design and marketing!


A Little Video Humor

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