B2B Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

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January 3, 2022

With so many B2B marketing brands fighting to attract the right attention and clientele, it’s easy to succumb to certain mistakes and errors in the process. Going into a new year can be seen as a fresh start, so with 2022 in full swing, here are some things to consider for your marketing and what things to avoid so your brand stays on top of its game.

Forgetting Social Media

One thing you especially don’t want to do is to forget how crucial social media marketing is. Keeping interactions genuine will help you connect with potential customers, and consistent posting with the proper hashtags, captions, and CTAs will make sure you’re at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Not Utilizing SEO

A Google search may be the thing to make or break your brand, so ensuring all details are up-to-date and ranking properly on the first page for relevant keywords is very important. Don’t overlook the power of search engine optimization (SEO) in your business’s marketing.

Having Poor Web Design

Making sure your website is not only user-friendly, but also mobile-friendly is key. A responsive web design is vital for ensuring your website looks and performs optimally across devices. Additionally, make sure your website is up-to-date and cohesive to improve the buyer's experience.

Misunderstanding Your Audience

It’s fundamental to understand your customer base in this business. What you want to avoid is marketing to either the wrong audience, or even marketing to your audience in the wrong way. Segment your target audience through certain traits, and narrow it down from there. Create B2B buyer personas to strengthen your marketing and build relationships.

Not Tracking Metrics

The data is there to provide facts and figures for past and present campaigns, so utilize that and let it help you measure future efforts. When you don’t use what’s at your disposal, it can often be wasted work. The metrics are there to give you quantifiable results which will help you and your brand.

Miscoordinating Sales and Marketing

It’s essential to make sure that your sales and marketing efforts are coinciding since they both have the same end goals. Check your buyer personas, measure KPIs, gather feedback, and ensure copy is consistent across the board for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Not Leveraging Technology

New technology can often be confusing, but it offers innumerable opportunities when properly implemented. If your digital marketing is being hampered by your misunderstanding of the software or tools, it’s important to make sure everyone on your team is using it properly and learning all the tips and tricks.

Summary: Fill in Your Marketing Gaps

B2B companies face different challenges than their B2C counterparts, such as smaller markets, multiple decision-makers, and longer sales processes. It's crucial to always put your best foot forward with prospects and customers to grow your business. When marketing gaps are ignored, you're leaving money on the table.
If you’re ready to bring in more leads and sales with a rock-solid marketing system, schedule a consultation with Sales and Marketing Technologies today!

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