Effective B2B Email List Building Strategies

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November 21, 2023

Email list building is an effective digital marketing tool for driving traffic to your B2B website and increasing conversions, such as purchases, demos, quote requests, and more.
It can also help your business retain more customers, which saves money while boosting revenue. According to HubSpot, not only is retaining customers less expensive than acquiring new ones, but improving retention by just 5% can increase profits by over 25%.
With a quality email list, B2B businesses can grow their sales without pouring massive resources into customer acquisition efforts. Learn the best practices for building a B2B email list to attract and retain more customers.

11 Email List Building Strategies for B2B

To reap the benefits of email marketing, you’ll need list building strategies that will not only capture email addresses but also retain subscribers through personalized messages and quality content. Here are 11 strategies to grow your B2B email list:

1. Identify your target audience

Before you start building your list, it's crucial to clearly define your target audience. Determine the industry, job titles, company size, and other relevant criteria that align with your business goals. This will help you create a more targeted and effective email list.

2. Use lead generation forms

One of the best ways to build your B2B email list is by using lead generation forms on your website. Offer valuable content such as newsletters, ebooks, whitepapers, or industry reports in exchange for visitors' email addresses.

3. Leverage social media 

Social media platforms can be powerful tools for building a B2B email list. Use platforms like LinkedIn to connect with industry professionals and potential clients. Share valuable content and encourage users to sign up for your email list. You can also run targeted ads on social media to reach a wider audience and capture leads.

4. Add a call-to-action on your site

Bring attention to your email list by having a call-to-action on every web page. For example, Sales & Marketing Technologies has a newsletter signup button on our footer so visitors can subscribe to our newsletter regardless of which page they’re on.

5. Install a pop-up on your website 

Sometimes, visitors need extra encouragement to sign up for your email list. A pop-up can capture more emails before visitors leave your website.

6. Create compelling opt-in incentives

To entice prospects to join your email list, offer compelling opt-in incentives. This could be exclusive discounts, access to premium content, or early access to new products or services. Make sure the incentives align with the interests and needs of your target audience to maximize sign-ups.

7. Add a newsletter signup link to email signatures

Including a signup link to employees' email signatures gives recipients a frictionless and direct path to your newsletter. It also shows prospects and potential customers that your business is an authority in your industry.

8. Run a contest or giveaway

People love free stuff, so capitalize on that by running a contest or giveaway and promoting it on your website and social media. Have entries submit their email address for them to be eligible to win.

9. Give subscription options

You never want to annoy your email list because they’ll tune you out or unsubscribe. By giving prospects and customers subscription options, they can select the right email frequency for them, whether weekly, monthly, or only when something special is happening.

10. Partner with complementary businesses

Consider partnering with complementary businesses in your industry to expand your reach and build your email list. Collaborate on joint marketing campaigns or co-create valuable content that can be shared with both businesses' audiences. As a result, you can tap into their email lists and gain exposure to new potential customers.

11. Attend industry events

Industry events, conferences, and trade shows provide valuable opportunities for B2B email list building. Collect business cards or use lead capture tools to gather contact information from attendees interested in your products or services. Follow up with personalized emails to nurture these leads and add them to your email list.

Grow Your Customer Base with B2B Email Marketing

Building a high-quality B2B email list takes time and effort, but implementing these strategies can help your business attract the right audience and grow your list with engaged prospects. Remember to regularly clean and update your list to ensure it remains effective and responsive.
Contact us for a free discovery call and see how we can elevate your B2B email marketing with a holistic list building strategy!
Editor's Note: This post was originally published in June 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.  

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