Effective Call To Actions Help Increase Conversions

November 3, 2009

There are so many different aspects and fundamental elements that need to be in place for a website to be prosperous. With so many different, yet important elements that make up a successful website, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about Call To Actions (CTA).  While an intriguing design, a lot of relevant and up-to-date content, visibility, a user friendly layout, and accessibility are all very important, I wanted to share the magnitude of creative and captivating call to actions.  

Call to actions come in many different forms, shapes, sizes, and categories.  Depending on the site, your call to action will vary.  For the sake of time and your interest, I’m not going to cover the 23482 different types of websites in this post. Today, I want to talk about a general type of call to action… the “contact us” CTA.  

Let’s assume that your business offers a service on their website and to inquire about the service, you require a user to contact you through the contact form.  What are some creative and effective ways of doing that without using the general “Contact us now”?

Incentive.  People love incentives for doing things. If a user is going to click on a link, why not entice them by dangling a fresh and juicy 10% off our service coupon? For example, “Get 10% off!  Hurry and contact us now!” – This could give users that extra little push to inquire about your services.  Now you can use any type of incentive model, but you get the idea.

CTA’s can go as far as your creative imagination can take you.  Try to remember to use action words in your CTA.  Here is a list of some basic CTA’s that I recommend spicing up a bit, but they are a good start:


  1. Click Here

  2. Call Now

  3. Buy today 

  4. Register Now

  5. Free shipping 

  6. Contact now 

  7. Get a free trial

  8. Buy now 

  9. Sign-up now 

  10. Free Consultation 

  11. Reserve Now 

  12. Request for Free Quote 

  13. Talk to an Expert


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