How to Build a Blog That Gets Traffic

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November 29, 2022

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, building a blog that brings in and engages your target audience is a powerful strategy (when done right).
Many people turn to blog content for answers or insights, so why not use this to your advantage? Here is what you can do with your blog to increase site traffic.

Cross Post Content

Repurposing your content for your other channels is key. Take important takeaways and post them to your social media channels with a link to read the full post. This gets your audience interested while reaching out to a broader audience who may not have been following your blog previously.

Use Trending Topics

Keep a pulse on what’s trending and find ways to incorporate it into your content calendar. This helps with ranking since people search for tips or answers which your blog post can provide. Try apps and software that search for relevant trending topics for your niche.

Optimize for SEO

Weave specific keywords into your content to optimize your blog for SEO. Sprinkling these keywords and their variations throughout the content will boost traffic and visibility.
Make sure to use these words in your title, subheadings, and copy in a way that reads naturally so it doesn't come across as keyword stuffing. Plus, consider targeting long-tail keywords that have little to no other content written about them to rank more easily.

Write Long-Form Content

In-depth content is more likely to provide the answers your audience is looking for. Sure, snappy copy is enjoyable, but is it keeping people on your page? Reduce filler and fluff, and make sure you include helpful information by writing guides, how-tos, and other long-form content that ranks.

Add Internal Links

Adding internal links to your blog copy not only drives traffic to other content you’ve written, but it can keep a customer on your website longer. Make sure it’s seamless, however, and not just thrown in for the sake of it.
If you’re writing a post on digital marketing and you’ve already touched on social media in the past, including those links allows your audience to glean even more helpful information without having to leave your site.

Write Guest Posts

Another great way to build your blog’s credibility is through writing guest posts. Reach out to other brands within your niche about guest posting, or find websites that allow guest writers to contribute to their blog. Having a byline with your or your company’s name will help with visibility.

Improve Your Blog Design

Does your blog's aesthetic feel stale? Sometimes the wrong font or color choice can be off-putting. Work with a web designer who can make your blog easy to read, visually appealing, and user-friendly. This can make all the difference in keeping people on your blog.

Refresh Your Blog Strategy to Grow Traffic

Building your blog to drive more quality traffic doesn’t require a complete overhaul. Look through your existing content and see how optimized it is, if the design is cohesive, and if your information is providing what your audience is searching for.
Want to get more out of your blog? Schedule your free discovery call with Sales & Marketing Technologies to explore content marketing opportunities for your business!

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