Ways to Use AI in Your Marketing

professional using AI for marketing

December 6, 2022

When you hear the words 'artificial intelligence,' does marketing immediately come to mind? Probably not. However, AI technology is found in many marketing tools, such as analytics and CRMs, because it's great for automating certain tasks and helping you to focus on more pressing matters in your marketing.
Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and uses of AI for marketing to help improve your competitive edge.

Customer Service Chatbots

When it comes to AI, your first thought might be about chatbots. This AI service has been around for quite some time, and it’s a great way to automate more general customer service interactions that don’t need a person on the other side.
However, chatbots are perfect for transferring info to a customer service rep for a seamless experience when more complex questions do come in.

Create Targeted Ads

Creating ads that the right pair of eyes will see is key to driving conversions. AI can help predict ad performance before it even goes live.
​​This ensures that your marketing campaign reaches the right customers by testing your ad content, improving conversion rates, and overall lowering your ad spend by choosing the right ads for your business.

Accurately Price Your Products or Services

Many eCommerce businesses use AI to determine their prices based on supply and demand. Dynamic pricing especially has become a popular method since it increases prices when there is a high demand and lowers them when it’s gone down.
One example is when hotels charge higher prices for busy weekends or holidays. Consider what this could do for your marketing by showcasing lower prices or specials.

Capture Brand Mentions

Having to go through and seek out brand mentions manually is a serious time suck. This is where AI comes in handy because it can filter this out for you and be your own social listening tool.
When AI automates these tasks, you’re more able to monitor your social performance, understand your audience, and even discover potential customers and collaborators to boost your brand’s visibility.

Moderate and Generate Content

Another time-consuming task that can be taken off your plate is content moderation and generation. AI aids in filtering through certain content and moderating it for you, such as anything profane or low in quality.
Automating this frees you up for other more important tasks while also ensuring that the content being put out by your business and its consumers is error-free.

Personalize Your Design

One way AI works effectively is by helping to personalize your overall design. Customers love to feel that they're being catered to personally, and AI better targets individuals rather than large demographics of people. This is great for creating customer loyalty and building trust.

Upgrade Your Marketing with Powerful Tools

There are many ways to use AI in your marketing, whether it's automating repetitive tasks that improve productivity or gaining deeper insights into your target audience. As more tools and brands adopt AI, it's important that your business keeps up with the times. An audit is a great way to identify gaps in your marketing and guide your upgrade.
Schedule a free discovery call with Sales & Marketing Technologies to find ways to modernize your marketing and maximize results.

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