How To Edit Your Company Profile on LinkedIn

December 1, 2010

Follow Company 

There is now a "Follow Company" button displayed on the company profile page. Selecting to "follow" a company allows you to keep up to date on when employees of this company leave, join, or get promoted. You can also get updated on new job opportunities from the particular company, as well as receive the latest company profile updates. These updates can be received through network status updates as well as via email.  

Add Company Products and Services 

Another significant change is the ability to add company products and services to the LinkedIn company profile. In order to edit your company profile you need to have a verified company email address (go to settings --> email address to add a company email address). Editing your company profile is a bit tricky. You have to ensure that the company name you have listed under the "Experience" section matches exactly to LinkedIn's data records. The best way to ensure this is to go into your profile "Edit" mode, then venture down to the "Experience" section and then hit the "Edit" link next to your current position. You are then brought to the "Edit Position" screen. Choose "Change Company" next to the company name. Start to re-type the company name and a dynamic list of company names starts to appear. Select you company name and save the record. You should now go back to your public profile and see that the company name within the "Experience" section is now a hyperlink. Click the link and you will now have access to editing your company profile on LinkedIn. 

Add Company Information 

With the ability now to edit your company profile you have the opportunity to add your office locations, company logo, company description, company specialties, connect your Twitter account, connect your company blog, and featured company news. Under the "Jobs" tabs you can post your latest employment opportunities (for a $195 fee). Under the "Services" tabs you will be able to add products and services that your company offers. Under the "Analytics" tab you will have the ability to see some statistics on page interactions.  

Request Recommendations

Now here is the best part of the recent changes. You can now request recommendations for your products or services from your LinkedIn contacts. An system email is generated that has some boiler plate text that you can edit and send to your contacts asking them to endorse your services or products. Each time a LinkedIn member endorses a company product or service, their endorsement now becomes visible to everyone that they are connected with. This could be a very powerful tool for businesses to use.  

On the other end of this, is the ability to share a recommendation about a product or service. You can post your recommendation as network status update, a Twitter status update, or even email to people outside of your LinkedIn network.  

So if you have not claimed your business listing on LinkedIn, you better go ahead and log in and follow the above steps. If you need more information on editing your company profile see Editing a Company Profile or contact us at Sales & Marketing Technologies for more help.


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