What Are QR Codes?


December 28, 2010

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes. QR stands for Quick Response and were developed to contain more data and character types then current barcodes. QR Codes can contain up to 7,089 characters versus the 20 characters for traditional barcodes. The mobile adoption rate has fueled the use of QR Codes in recent years through the use if QR Code Readers. QR Codes are currently being used to connect to a web address, compose a text message, dial a telephone number, or prompt your email client with a sender address. QR Codes are popping up every where. We are seeing them in billboards,  newspapers, magazines, catalogs, business cards, t-shirts, and more. 


QR Code Readers

In order to read mobile barcodes (QR Codes) you will need to download a QR Code reading software on to your mobile device. There are several QR Code readers that are compatible for numerous types of mobile phone devices.

Here is a short list of software providers:

  • KAYWA Reader
  • Nokia Reader
  • i-nigma Reader
  • Lynkee Reader
  • UpCode
  • QuickMark
  • SnapMaze
  • BeeTagg
  • NeoReader
  • ScanLife
  • MobileTag 

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