New TikTok Ad Features Encourage Interaction

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October 12, 2021

TikTok advertising is a newcomer in social media marketing, but the video-based app is giving other networks a run for their money by launching several interactive ad formats to attract advertisers. Combined with relatively low competition and a young user demographic, TikTok’s new ad products are sure to bring in brands that are curious to test the interactive features.
Learn more about the ad formats to see how your business can leverage TikTok advertising!

New TikTok Products for Advertisers

Social media marketing is constantly evolving and the way that users engage with brands has changed as well. Users are more active in the advertising experience, which is why TikTok is making its ad products more engaging.
According to TechCrunch, these are the new TikTok ad features that brands will now have access to:

Instant Page

When users click on an ad, they can be taken to a quick-loading landing page with more information — without leaving the app. TikTok claims Instant Page loads 11 times faster than a typical mobile website. It could compete with Instagram’s Link Sticker, which replaced the swipe-up gesture in its app.

Pop Out Showcase

Brands can superimpose stickers or images on top of their TikTok videos to illustrate a product demo or other key story element. When the Pop Out Showcase feature is tapped, it takes the user to a page where they can make a purchase.

Super Like

A more engaging way for viewers to “like” a video. When users tap the like (heart) button, the Super Like displays different icons for more options. Users are also invited to visit a landing page that has more information on the product or service featured in the video.

Gesture Ads

Encourage viewers to reveal rewards or other information with gesture ads, which have users slide or tap on videos. This puts a unique spin on a regular video ad by incorporating a playful element.

Storytime Tool

The new Storytime Tool allows users to become a part of the storytelling experience rather than just be a viewer. It’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” where users tap to direct the action, thereby personalizing the narrative.

Get Interactive and Creative

TikTok’s new ad features not only encourage interaction from users, but also creativity from brands. It’s not enough to simply create social media ads, it’s vital to have dynamic elements that attract further action beyond a passive view. By doing so, your ad campaigns will generate a great return and enhance brand memorability.
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