Online Shopping Trends of U.S. Consumers

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April 14, 2020

A recent Google study on global shoppers found that 81% shopped in the past week in an average of seven categories. The study focused on four international markets - the United States, Great Britain, Brazil, and India. In this article, we’ll examine the study’s insights on U.S. online shopping trends to see what motivates shoppers in our home country and what e-commerce sites can do to attract them.

Mature E-Commerce Model

Google states, “American consumers represent one of the largest and most developed e‑commerce markets, and their values may be a reflection of a saturated marketplace with many trusted options.” A key characteristic of U.S. shoppers is that they tend to identify as “deal seekers.” The price point is usually the most important purchase consideration (free shipping is a close second).
According to Google, these shopping values may indicate consumer preferences when an e-commerce market becomes more saturated and standardized.

Online Buying Influences

What influences U.S. consumers when buying online? Turns out, a lot of things! Lowest price and free shipping tend to be the most influential. However, there are many other factors and they vary in importance depending on the type of good.
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While there are many different factors that are taken into consideration when U.S. consumers shop online, Google recommends leveraging these two benefits to attract them.
  • Highlight competitive prices: If you’re beating the competition on price, make it widely known. Also, watch the market to see which products might be worth undercutting.
  • Aim for fast and free shipping: U.S. consumers are more interested in fast shipping times than in-store pickup.
Consumers in the United States are typically deal-seekers which is why promoting competitive prices and fast/free shipping on your e-commerce site are highly effective tactics to gain their business.

Digital Marketing for E-Commerce

Keeping up on consumers’ online shopping trends is a smart way to discover enhancements for your e-commerce site, ultimately improving performance. Without a digital marketing plan, however, growth can quickly stall. That’s why Sales & Marketing Technologies offers a variety of digital marketing services for e-commerce businesses like SEO strategy, PPC management, content marketing, and more to increase online sales.
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