Put Your Offer Directly in Your Competitors’ Customers' and Prospects' Inbox

December 27, 2016

Imagine one of your competitors’ hot prospects opening their Gmail to check their inbox. Right there amongst their emails is an email from your company. It has a subject line with a compelling offer. They can’t resist - they click on it. Instead of a regular email opening, a beautiful ad from your company is displayed.

You don’t have to imagine any more. You can do it with Gmail Ads.

With more than one billion active Gmail users worldwide, it’s no surprise that Google saw the opportunity to show ads to them.

And you can target any of those Gmail users based on the domain of emails that a user has received: think domains of your competitors.

In addition to targeting by domain, there are other targeting options to chose from - affinity segments, topics, and interests. There’s also contextual keyword targeting, which actually targets users who have received emails containing your keywords.

Gmail Ad styles you can display

Gmail Ads start out looking a lot like normal emails at the top of a users inbox, but once they click, it expands into one of the ad formats that you choose.

Here are the four Gmail ad formats:

  • Gmail image template

  • Gmail single promotion template

  • Gmail multi-product template

  • Gmail catalog template

You might find that different types of offers work best with different formats. For example, having more to click on might increase the chances of people finding something they’re interested in, especially if you’re promoting products.

Depending on which ad format you choose, you can:

  • Build Awareness

  • Influence Consideration

  • Reach Target Audience

  • Drive Online Sales

  • Grow Loyalty

With the right targeting, ads, and subject lines, your business can grow significantly without spending a fortune, which is especially great in extremely competitive industries.

Want to try Gmail Ads? Contact Sales & Marketing Technologies about setting up your Gmail Ads today by calling (407) 682-2222 or using the contact form below.  

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