Trouble Hitting Your Sales Goals? Maybe You Are Using The Wrong Number

February 2, 2016

1. We separated marketing goals from sales goals.

We gave each team their own goals where they are totally accountable.

2. We gave our marketing team a goal of X number of “inbound” sales leads to generate per week.

We set the lead goal by using our historical closing percentages and what our sales team could reasonably handle.

Tracking the leads are simple. We took all our sources of leads and shot them directly into our Infusionsoft CRM. That way, we could count what came in. We deleted any lead that came in that is trying to sell us something. Those don’t count. Once we cleared out the junk leads, the marketing team gets credit for every “real” lead produced.

3. We gave each member of our sales team a specific sales goal.

Instead of a number in dollars, we picked a single main product to sell. If you can’t do that, try a group of closely related products they can sell. The key is, you want them to focus. If they try to sell everything, they become the “jack of all trades and a master of none” That doesn’t work well in today’s world of specialization.

Make their goal a certain number of product units per week. If you do this, what you’ll notice is they will quickly become experts at selling this type of product. They will learn the sales objections, who their best buyer is and the exact sales process that delivers results.

If they are selling units, they stop looking at the dollar amount and focus on the customer. That mindset wins business. They look for the customers that are the best fit for the product. The numbers they focus on are smaller and less threatening. It is much less daunting to say I need one sale this week than to say I need a $20,000 sale. Make sure the product is in demand and is at a price point that you know if they get their units, they will hit their sales numbers.

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