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Evergreen Content Marketing Ideas

Evergreen content is a type of content that doesn't lose its value over time. Plus, it encourages sharing because the content is always useful and relevant. Evergreen content marketing is particularly valuable for businesses with limited resources because they don’t have to worry about keeping their content fresh. Here are some evergreen content ideas to inspire your strategy: Founder's Story A founder's story is an essential part of any company's history. It helps people understand how th...

Essential Elements of Start Here Page

Not every visitor that comes to your website will enter through the home page — they may first land on a product page, blog post , case study , etc. That’s why having a Start Here page provides immense value because it gives a clear, central location that directs visitors to where they want to go instead of them bouncing from your site. See how a Start Here page can benefit your site and the seven essential elements to drive more engagement and conversions! The Difference Between Sta...

7 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement

Social media marketing can be a tricky game, especially on Instagram. The algorithm seems to change at a whim, and what once brought in the clicks, likes, and comments may now be getting crickets. So how can you turn the tide in your favor? Here are some simple but effective ways to boost your engagement on Instagram. Consistently Post The last thing you want is for your brand to be out of sight, out of mind. Consistent posting is vital since it secures your reliability and relevance. One to two...

Create a Link Building Strategy in 6 Steps

Backlinks are an important factor in search engine optimization SEO because it shows Google that your website is trustworthy. In addition to helping your business website rank higher in organic search results, backlinks drive 'referral' traffic. Generally speaking, when you increase site traffic, conversions go up. Below are six steps to creating a link building strategy to drive more traffic and attract customers . 1. Research Your Audience For your link building strategy to be effective, it...

11 Ways To Improve Your Business with Sales Automation

Not long ago, sales teams had to spend more than half of their time on tedious tasks like taking notes, logging calls, and prioritizing leads. Sales automation technology now allows salespeople to spend more time actually selling. There are a variety of sales processes you can automate to increase sales productivity. Your business doesn’t need to automate everything, but strategically implementing automation can open more sales opportunities for your business. See how! 1. Improve Email Com...

5 Tips to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rates

Driving customers to your site is only half the battle. Once they’re there, you want to convert these visitors into leads. How can this be done? Thankfully, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will help you to boost your landing page conversion rates and get those leads you’ve been hoping for. Add Compelling CTAs Having the right call-to-action CTA is key for your landing pages . You want to ensure you have enough without being overwhelming, and also make them relevant to where ...

5 Tips to Get the Most From Your Facebook Business Page

More than 58% of online users are active on Facebook every month. With all of those active users, you would probably assume there are many, many Facebook business pages — and you’d be correct. As of 2021, there are more than 200 million businesses , mostly small businesses, around the world using Facebook's free tools . As a business owner, that's a lot of noise to compete with on Facebook, in addition to the posts from friends and family that dominate your audience's organic n...

How to Grow Your Email List Faster

Building out your email list may have you scratching your head for ideas. How can your brand do it both quickly and effectively? And what exactly are the advantages of an email list for your business? Let’s dive into how to grow your email list faster and how you can benefit from strengthening this component of your marketing system . Benefits of Email Lists Though there are now many digital marketing channels, such as search engines , website , and social media , email is still a bi...

Strategies to Avoid Summer Sales Slump

With school out and people going on vacation, many businesses experience a summer sales slump, but there are ways to avoid the slowdown. Preparing your pipeline in advance and continuing sales-generating activities throughout the summer months are vital. Here are eight sales strategies to beat the dreaded summer slump: 1. Review and Adjust KPIs Sales managers should plan ahead for the summer quarter by adjusting key performance indicators KPIs , such as the number of referrals, the number of fir...

5 Ways to Know You Need a CRM

No matter how proficient you are at keeping notes, setting reminders, or checking your calendar, almost everyone has at least one memory of not doing any of that. It can even go so far as forgetting to call a potential customer, missing a meeting, or not remembering past conversations with someone. Your customer is the most important stakeholder in your business, which makes managing your relationship with them the most critical thing you can do. And the old ways of doing this just...


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