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5 Reasons You Should Use Pay-Per-Click to Drive Website Visitor Traffic

As competition for organic search results continues to grow fiercer, pay-per-click PPC advertising is a way for you to ensure search visibility in Google , Facebook , etc. Used alongside search engine optimization SEO , PPC can expand your real estate in search engine results — and if you’re not there, your competition certainly will be. Here are some reasons why PPC advertising is worth the investment: 1. You control the costs. Determining a PPC budget isn’t always easy to m...

Why Your Marketing Needs Consistent Content

Ever heard the phrase out of sight, out of mind when it comes to marketing? One of the most important aspects of content marketing is consistency, whether that’s in your social media post schedule, email blasts, blog , or overall design and messaging. This reinforces your brand's reliability and trustworthiness, something valued by every consumer. So, precisely what can you accomplish with consistency in your content? Let’s find out. SEO Improvement When crafting your content, itR...

4 Best Design Practices of Contact Pages

When customers flock to your website, there are a handful of reasons as to why they may be there. Perhaps your business is the answer to a need, or word-of-mouth sent them there to see what all the buzz is about. A contact page gives your audience somewhere to turn when they’re searching for answers, someone to speak to, or give them a better customer experience on your site. It encompasses many useful tools for users, so ensuring that it has what your customers need is crucial when buildi...

The Customer Value Journey Part 2

In Part 1 , we covered the first four stages of 'The Customer Value Journey' the eight-stage process coined by DigitalMarketer , which every new prospect goes through in order to become a customer, and eventually, a raving fan. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article, definitely go back and read up on the stages that kick off this process — Aware, Engage, Subscribe, and Convert. Below, we'll go over the last four stages of the Customer Value Journey so you can see how...

B2B Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

With so many B2B marketing brands fighting to attract the right attention and clientele, it’s easy to succumb to certain mistakes and errors in the process. Going into a new year can be seen as a fresh start, so with 2022 in full swing, here are some things to consider for your marketing and what things to avoid so your brand stays on top of its game. Forgetting Social Media One thing you especially don’t want to do is to forget how crucial social media marketing is. Keeping interact...

Post-Holiday Marketing Tips to Spike Your Sales

The post-holiday season offers many opportunities to spike sales as many people during this time of year are looking to spend their gift cards, get ready for the new year, or simply treat themselves for making it through the holidays. How can your business capitalize during the after-Christmas boom? Take a look at what you can offer, for starters, especially if it’s something not limited by the time of year. Here are a few marketing ideas! Offer New Year’s Deals Though one holiday ma...

Predictions for CRM Software in 2022

Businesses benefit from customer relationship management CRM software in a variety of ways, from sales reps saving time searching for customer details to marketers effectively communicating with leads. Yet, CRM software is constantly evolving to keep up with emerging technologies and rising customer expectations. If you’re not aware of new developments, then you won’t be able to take full advantage of your software. Find out what the future of CRM will look like in 2022 so you’...

Social Commerce: Boosting Sales on Social Platforms

Customers have more ways to buy products than ever before, and one of the newest channels is social commerce. Before, social media’s role in the buying process was to direct users to websites to complete the purchase. Now, brands can leverage social commerce to capture sales seamlessly. Learn more about social commerce and the benefits it offers so you can supercharge your online sales! Social Commerce Definition Social commerce is the process of selling products directly through social me...

The Customer Value Journey Part 1

The Customer Value Journey is an eight-stage process, coined by DigitalMarketer , that every new prospect goes through in order to become a customer, and eventually, a raving fan. This process is the foundation of successful marketing, creating a roadmap that moves prospects predictably from stranger to customer and beyond. In this article, we’ll touch on the first four stages in the Customer Value Journey: Aware Stage Engage Stage Subscribe Stage Convert Stage 1. Aware S...

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Digital marketing is always evolving because of new technology, consumer changes, or even a global pandemic. A strategy that worked a year or just six months ago may not be serving your business anymore, which is why it’s imperative that marketers keep an eye on where the industry is moving in order to adapt and stay competitive. As we head into 2022, let’s take a look at some of the biggest digital marketing trends affecting brands so you can develop a winning strategy for the new y...


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