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LinkedIn's New Targeting Options Help You Zero in on Audiences

Earlier this year, LinkedIn announced a new feature being launched, called Matched Audiences, that would help business owners narrow down their targeting immensely. Matched Audiences began rolling out new categories for targeting including: Website Retargeting Account Targeting Contact Targeting Senior product manager Eva Chau said that Matched Audiences is now available for all LinkedIn advertising products including Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and other native ad formats. With the addi...

There Is No Free Lunch (The Real Cost of Open Source Software)

If you have WordPress, you better keep reading… Equifax Inc. just had their second massive security breach in four years, and according to the Apache Foundation it all stems from one main issue… …Open source software. Well, to be exact, it was the consumer credit reporting agency’s failure to install patches to Apache Struts – an open source framework used to build Java web applications. In a statement released Thursday Sept. 14 , the foundation said a vulnerability...

How Much Should I Budget for Marketing?

That is always a tough question to answer. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish and by when. Setting a firm objective really helps you focus in on the budget you need. Example: I need 500 leads per quarter. We’ve all heard the old adage, It takes money to make money. In the land of digital marketing, it certainly rings true. In order to get the word out about your business you must make an investment in marketing. However, rather than taking a haphazard approach to creati...

Which Should You Use: Google or Facebook for Retargeting?

Have you ever visited a website and then suddenly you start seeing ads for that company all across the web? This phenomenon is called retargeting or remarketing . Your customers don’t always buy something the first time they visit your website or click on your ad. Depending on their stage in the buying process, they could continue to do research or think over the idea before making a purchase. However, you can assume they’re somewhat interested if they visited your website. There are...

How to Boost Sales with Facebook Messenger & Chatbots

Marketing has changed a lot since its infancy. It used to be one message for the masses. Nowadays, people are looking for more of a personalized experience. So how do you individually market to people on a mass scale? Before we dive into the answer, we wanted to highlight two tools people are using and then we’ll give you an example. One tool businesses have started using to talk directly with the people they are marketing to is Facebook Messenger . The reason this is working so well is be...

How to Design Campaigns for the Non-Buyers with Retargeting

Of course we’d love to believe that every person who comes in contact with our business follows a specific and direct path to purchase. They visit our website, read our content or download a helpful guide, and immediately decide to hand over their credit card to purchase our product or service. But that’s not always the reality… The customer journey is often much more complex. Most studies say that anywhere from 95-99% of your website traffic clicks away before ever completing ...

How Video Testimonials Can Establish Authority

Video marketing has become one of the biggest digital marketing opportunities – and for good reason. Almost 50% of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store - ThinkWithGoogle People spend, on average, 2.6x more time on pages with videos than without - Wistia Online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers - DMB Adobe With video marketing becoming such a valuable tool for businesses and consumers, it should...

How to Get A Featured Snippet in Google's Answer Box

Google has long been a place people turn to find a solution to their problem or an answer to their question. So it makes sense that the search engine giant took another step out of the equation and created a feature that helps users get their answer even faster. Back in 2015, Google started testing what we now know as the Google Answer Box, which is a featured snippet embedded into the search results. However, it wasn’t until recently that brands have started to utilizing this feature to b...

What Are Google Verified Customer Reviews and How Do You Get Them?

The new Google Verified Customer Reviews not only boost your business’ reputation, but can also boost your visibility and authority online. But what is a Google Verified Customer Review? And how do you get them? What is a Google Verified Customer Review? A verified customer review is a review a customer can leave after making a purchase from a company’s website. Seller ratings appear on Search Ads, in Google Shopping, and on an optional badge that can be displayed on your site. This ...

Voice Search - What It Means for Local Businesses

The rise of virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa is changing the game when it comes to local search engine optimization with one little thing… your voice. If your business relies on local search traffic, this will definitely impact your strategy. What is Voice Search? Voice search is a growing trend that has really started to take off with widespread adoption of virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant – all of whom perform web searches automatically if t...


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