7 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement

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June 21, 2022

Social media marketing can be a tricky game, especially on Instagram. The algorithm seems to change at a whim, and what once brought in the clicks, likes, and comments may now be getting crickets. So how can you turn the tide in your favor? Here are some simple but effective ways to boost your engagement on Instagram.

Consistently Post

The last thing you want is for your brand to be “out of sight, out of mind.” Consistent posting is vital since it secures your reliability and relevance. One to two posts per day is what you should aim for, along with the best times of day to post for your demographic. Use a social media scheduling tool to automatically post for you.

Add Visual Cohesiveness

Nothing is more confusing to potential customers than a lack of branding. Scrolling through their feed, they should be able to tell pretty quickly if a graphic or video comes from your account. Keep your visual aesthetic cohesive through colors, font styles, and tone of voice. This helps with brand recognition and audience loyalty.

Utilize Reels and Videos

Since Instagram is such a visual app, it makes sense that they’ve made a switch from static images to more video-based content. Reels have become much more popular and featured on the app, so utilize them! Find creative ways to incorporate even quick videos into your marketing. This helps boost your brand’s authenticity in a relatable and bite-sized way.

Share User-Generated Content

When followers tag you in their content, that can be a wonderful opportunity to share it in your own feed. User-generated content works in a few ways. First, it gives followers a chance to connect with the brand and entice them to post brand-related images for a feature. Second, it gives your team an easy option for scheduling new posts. And lastly, it enhances your business’s relatability.

Relay Your Brand’s Story

People often want to connect with the brands they follow. Brand storytelling is an important aspect of marketing, but it’s exceptionally pertinent on social media. What does your demographic want? Need? Care about? Focus on the ways you can truly connect with them as a brand, and put the “network” back in social networks.

Research Hashtags

One way people search for relevant accounts on Instagram is through hashtags. Are you using the right ones to lead people to you? Research the right hashtags for your page, including ones that will help widen the net. Using relevant hashtags increases your content's visibility on Instagram. Just be careful of which hashtags you use because some can be too general or vague and get lost in the shuffle.

Direct Your Audience with CTAs

Instagram stories make it much easier now for accounts with any level of followers to swipe up or link to their site, reducing friction points in your call to action (CTA). Make sure your link in bio is fully optimized and any contact information on your profile is up-to-date, especially when directing followers to these with your captions and content.

Grow Your Social Media Engagement

Boosting Instagram engagement can be as simple as posting the right content, at the right time, with the right information attached to it. Let Sales & Marketing Technologies help you build a rock-solid marketing system with an engaging social media presence. Open a free SMT Marketing Systems account now to get started!

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