Post-Holiday Marketing Tips to Spike Your Sales

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December 28, 2021

The post-holiday season offers many opportunities to spike sales as many people during this time of year are looking to spend their gift cards, get ready for the new year, or simply treat themselves for making it through the holidays. How can your business capitalize during the after-Christmas boom?
Take a look at what you can offer, for starters, especially if it’s something not limited by the time of year. Here are a few marketing ideas!

Offer New Year’s Deals

Though one holiday may be over, New Year’s Day should absolutely be on your radar. Many people turn to the new year for resolutions, new goals, or aspirations. Whether they’re looking to travel more, work on self-improvement, or even just spend more time on the activities they love, find ways to market your business or products within these parameters. Get creative with it!

Consider Cross-Promotions

Teaming up with influencers, partnering with other brands, or offering special coupon codes are great ways to promote your post-holiday deals. Getting the word out matters, especially since your audience may feel a little inundated after Christmas with sales left and right.
Standing out is key. Select the right partnerships or promotions that will not only speak to your customers, but also broaden your reach to new target audiences.

Hold an Annual Sale

Many companies offer annual or bi-annual sales, attracting both new and loyal customers. When you generate buzz about your sales event, there will be customers who will take advantage of it, no matter what time of year it comes around. Plus, it’s a great way to build brand trust and give your customers something to look forward to each year.

Review Your Marketing Channels

Sending email blasts and posting to social media are things most brands try to do, but when you’re marketing through different channels, make sure you’re using the right ones as well. Take a look over your numbers to determine where most of your customers are coming from so that you can focus your efforts on the channels that yield the most results.
Additionally, a multi-channel remarketing campaign is highly effective for attracting repeat customers. For instance, you can send personalized emails and run remarketing display ads with product recommendations or discounts to capture more sales.

Coordinate Upselling Opportunities

Consider products your customers may have received over the holidays. How can your products coordinate with these? Maybe a lot of coffee makers were under the Christmas tree this year. That would be prime opportunities for mug and thermos retailers, coffee brands, etc. Think of those big-ticket items, and how you can promote yourself accordingly.

Integrate Your Sales and Marketing

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that a post-holiday sales slump is inevitable. There are a variety of marketing strategies to spike sales in January, such as a New Year’s promotion, influencer collaboration, remarketing campaign, and more. Lastly, now is the perfect time to review and update your marketing system so it generates solid sales all year long.
Are your numbers struggling? Schedule a consultation with Sales & Marketing Technologies today to see how our sales-driven marketing solutions grow profits.

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