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Dual Authority – Dual Inline Site Links

UPDATE: Sitelinks have evolved since this post was published. To learn more about what sitelinks are, how they can help your site, and how to implement changes to your website's code to help Google recognize these links, watch this informative video from Matt Cutts. Sales & Marketing Technologies strives to keep you updated on the changes online that could affect your Digital marketing efforts. As Central Florida's most established Digital marketing and web development company, we take it up...

Implementing 301 Redirects on Legacy URLs

The implementation of 301 redirects for legacy URLs is a crucial step in website redevelopment and URL optimization projects. It seems that web development companies that are not strong in Digital Marketing often make the mistake, out of ignorance more than anything, of not properly taking care of legacy URLs, that is of URLs that used to rank on the previous website version but whose content has been assigned a new URL. For example if the details page of a product is now on

Three reasons why Long Tail Keyword searches are so important?

Long tail keyword searches are the secret to tremendous website traffic. Why are they so important and how do they work? Here are three reasons why long tail keyword searches are so important. After studying the traffic to a popular website whose domain name is the same as its primary keyword, we found that during a thirty day period the website received 500k visitors. But only 12k of them where for the primary keyword. The other 488k visitors found the site using long tail keyword searches, key...

Google Leading Mobile Web

Surprised? Yeah, me neither. According to Nielsen Mobile , surprisingly sarcasm Google is the leading force in mobile search in the US. With iPhones, Google Androids, Blackberry Storms, and other internet capable phones, the mobile web is on the fast track for either booming success or failure due to overload. What I mean by failure to overload is this… We all know that mobile browsing is going to be huge! But when it does, will the mobile web have the capabilities, functionality, speed,...

Google Releases Guidelines for Bloggers

Earlier this week Google released a new set of Blogging Best Practices in their Creating a Google-friendly site section of Webmaster help. The document starts out with Google reiterating their pro-blog feelings: If you have a website but don’t have a blog, consider creating one: A blog is a great way to connect with people who share your interests, or to publicize your site or product. Blogs are easy to create and update, and rich, useful, and original blog content will encourage rea...

When Great Google Rankings Hurt Your Business

Never would we have ever thought that great Google rankings could hurt your business, but its true. So many businesses are focused on Google rankings that the most important thing is usually over looked. Conversions, whether your conversion is a sale or just supplying important information about your company, that should be the focus of your Digital marketing. So how do great rankings hurt your business? Its when you rank great for irrelevant terms, terms with little or no search demand, or term...

Think SEO Before a Website Redesign

We always hear the question We are thinking about redesigning our website. When should we think about search engine optimization?. The simple answer is at the beginning. When considering redesigning you website, ensure that you consult with a search engine optimization company at the beginning, not at the end. Here are some examples of issues that can arise when your web developer is not well versed in search engine optimization: Removing a page from the site that was driving traffic You need to...

Effectively Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service from Google that provides webmasters with tools and data about their site. I want to touch on some of the benefits of authenticating your site through this service. The first step is to have a Google account set it up here . Diagnostic Tools The Diagnostic Tools section provides information on any crawling issues that Google may be having with your website. This section will provide a list of problematic URLs with a short description of the problem. You c...

Why and How To Add Breadcrumbs To Your Wordpress Blog

As a long-time internet user, I have seen breadcrumbs really take off around the internet and recently with many of the major Wordpress websites using them. You may be asking, Why should I use them on my blog? Well, breadcrumbs are excellent for improving user navigation and helping the search engines establish your website's structure, otherwise known as SEO purposes. Unfortunately, Wordpress hasn't inherited the use of breadcrumbs, which is a grave disappointment in my opinion. However, there ...

Effectively Leveraging Videos for Universal Search

Univeral Search, also known as Blended Search, blends listings from local, images, video, news, and blogs. Universal Search was introduced first by Google in May 2007. MSN and Yahoo quickly followed in July and October respectively. Universal search has had a big impact ever since on how people search. We find that many companies do not have an online strategy when it comes to videos. Videos are becoming an important part of the marketing mix. Let me provide you with some background information ...

Google’s Ranking Philosophy

Today Amit Singhal a Google Engineer in charge of the ranking team introduced Google’s three core ranking philosophies. 1 Best locally relevant results served globally. 2 Keep it simple. 3 No manual intervention. He then took the time to break-down each one. Best locally relevant results served globally What he goes on to say is that if they run into a problem with a query they use that as method of improving the algorithm or as Amit says it no query left behind Keep it simple ...

NoFollow - What is it?

The nofollow is a HTML attribute for links. The nofollow attribute supposedly excludes links from search engine ranking calculations. This attribute was first introduced by Google’s Matt Cutts and’s Jason Shellen . Example: Ancor Text It has been found that Google still follows these links, but if the page was not in the index previously they will not index the page, will not show the link as a back link , and will not associate any keyword relevancy from the anchor...

Pubcon 2007 Take Aways - Buying Links, Video, Buzz

I finally found a few minutes to blog after returning from Pubcon to an over flowing inbox, voice messages, and rescheduled meetings. It was a great time, as always, with lots of knowledgeable speakers. Here are 3 points that seemed to be stressed by multiple speakers and attendees alike: 1 Buying links is not a good long term strategy. Google and the other major search engines according to Matt Cutts are cracking down on sites who buy and/or sell links. Will buying 1 link get you black listed f...

Google’s Did You Mean

You surely have seen it, or you might even use it as a spell checker daily. If you search in Google and spell your word or phrase incorrectly, Google will ask, Did you mean…? with a suggestion link to an alternative search result page. Sounds like a great idea, and usually it works very well. However, let’s imagine a scenario where your brand name is close to an actual word. If my company name was ‘Fintastic Fins’, and a potential customer heard about me and searched on G...

Keyword Expectation: How Do You Rank?

Article Updated: Feb. 2015 Keyword expectation is precisely what you’d think, which is kind of the point. It is the expectation a person searching online has based on the meaning of the keyword or keyword phrase they type in. The closer you are to meeting the expectations of these searchers, the higher than chance that they will visit your site, stay on your website, and convert. While this is a simple concept, many businesses are often surprised to learn that they have been mistakenly try...

The Importance of Domain Name Extensions: .Com vs .Org and the Others

Article Updated: Feb. 2015 Domain name buying, selling, and brokering can be big business. People will scoop up the good ones and hold them ransom or auction them off to the highest bidder. Your whole business model may be cut down when you are forced to buy ‘’. But how much will it affect business? Generic Top Level Domains gTLD According to Google, if you want to compete in search engines, having a gTLD is important. This becomes even...

How Google Sees Your Site

In order for Google to even begin seeing your website, it needs to be able to send it’s Google bots to crawl your website. The way that these bots crawl your website is determined by a file called robots.txt. On most websites, there are pages that utilize CSS and/or Javascript, which are often external files that are linked to from your HMTL. In order for Google to access these, and fully understand your webpages, these files need to remain unblocked by the robots.txt file. Google Webmaste...

Video SEO (VSEO)

Video SEO, also known as VSEO or Video Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy to help get video found on popular video search engines such as Google Video , You Tube , AOL Video and Yahoo! Video . BurstMedia released a study, Online Video Advertising PDF , that looked at how users consume video content and how they preceive advertising placement with in the video. 69.5% of respondents actively view video content on the web Men are significantly more likely than women to view online content Th...

Importance of a Good Internal Linking Structure

A website’s internal linking structure is simply how each page links to other pages on the site. Seems simple enough, but surprisingly, many business owners or Internet marketers overlook how important it is to search engine optimization efforts to properly display and name internal links. How to Use Internal Links Each page on a website should link to many other pages on the site. The most common place to accomplish this is in the footer. It is out of the way, yet if users get lost on a s...

What’s a Title Tag? Why Does It Matter?

A title tag is coded into each page of a site and is meant to define what a page’s content is about. It appears in the title area of a browser window and will be the default name when you go to bookmark a page. It’s defined in the underlying HTML coding of each page. Title tags are a critical part of search engine optimization , or SEO. While not as important as the content of a page in gaining rankings in the search engines, it does get heavily factored by the search engines. Howeve...


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