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How Will Google's Social Search Affect Your SEO?

We’ve told you about Google’s shift to including Google+ results in its searches, and also the controversy that has come from it as other social media outlets fight back. What will it mean for your company’s website, and your SEO? Already, sources are speculating that this social switch to search results could have a bigger impact on Google than even the infamous Panda update, which aimed to remove lower-quality content from search results. This is because not only will Google ...

Google Intergrates Google+ into Google Search

In their ongoing climb up the proverbial social ladder Google has now merged Google + into its search results. What this means, moving forward any Google + member who is signed in will be able to search the entire web as well as their own Google + circles. This includes photos and content posts from the Google + circles of that user. Google is calling this search update Search, plus your World . Their goal here is to try to transform Google into a search engine that not only understands content,...

Google Infinite Scroll, Better Exposure?

Google is starting to test out a new feature – infinite scroll. Already implemented in its Images search section, infinite scroll would allow readers to click to view more results on the same page instead of continuing through pages 2, 3, or 4 when performing a search engine query. In essence, this feature would allow everyone to rank for page 1 on the Google search results. What sort of impact this will have on your company’s SEO? For starters, there will now be multiple chances to ...

How Google+ is Shaping the Future of Search

Google’s latest attempt to build and grow a social network is called Google+ spoken as Google Plus . Because most people are sharing links, articles and ideas outside of the Google network mostly via Facebook and Twitter , the search giant has found itself at a disadvantage. Google has undoubtedly noticed that people are consuming massive amounts of content based on the recommendations of friends within their social networks. Because of this rate of consumption, Google has taken interest i...

How do you know if you’ve been Panda-slapped?

On February 24th of this year, Google rolled out it’s now infamous Panda update . Throughout the year, Google updates it’s method of ranking and displaying search engine results for all queries. The goal of these updates is always to increase the relevancy of the search results as they relate to the search query. The latest update, dubbed Panda, has adversely affected an estimated 12% of US-based websites. 1. Login to Google Analytics. Need help? Contact us 2. On your Dashboard, clic...

Google Maps Adds Hotel Comparison Shopping

Noticing that Google Maps has added some additional functionality for hotel searches. I noticed at the top of the Google Maps search results a "Check In" and "Check Out" search feature. Also, beside each hotel listing there is a lowest price drop down. Clicking on the lowest price displays a list of Sponsored results with pricing information on the specific hotel. The drop down list looks to have four paid listings and the last one is the official hotel link. Here is a screen shot. This was firs...

IP Address Influencing Search Engine Rankings

Google has been using the user's IP address to serve up local results for the Google Local 7-pack for awhile now. Then back in February they added a search "Nearby" feature that would allow you to refine your organic search results as well as the Google Local 7-pack for a city. On top of this Google is now using your IP address to influence search engine rankings for broad terms. What does this mean? It means that a user in one location will be served up one set of results while a user in anothe...

Click Through Rate Can Affect Your Bing Rankings

From the recent SMX East conference Barry Schwartz, contributor at Search Engine Land, confirmed with Steve Tullis, Sr Program Manager Lead at Bing/Microsoft, that Bing does indeed use click through rate CTR as one of the many factors in their Bing ranking algorithm. Steve Tullis made the comment that if a search result does not get clicked on Bing will likely lower the site's ranking. What can influence a user to click on your listing within the search engine result pages SERPs ? One of the big...

How To Handle Secure Files Being Indexed

At SMT we typically do a website audit for new clients. During these website audits we see a lot of the same mistakes from web developers and web designers that do not fully understand search engine optimization best practices. One of the issues we come across is the client's site starts to get indexed under the HTTPS version of their site. HTTPS is typically used to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or personal information that is submitted from...

The Forgotten Power of Internal Linking

Did you know that Google says there are hundreds of factors that go into getting your site to rank for targeted keywords? It can be overwhelming to think about. That’s why many of our clients come to us in the first place. It can be intimidating to figure out everything you site needs in order to be successful online. There have been many instances where a client would search "SEO" or "Rank #1 on Google" and come back to us saying, Build me links so I can rank for keyword ! We hear that al...

Optimizing Search Engine PageRanking by Using Dynamic 301 Redirects

How to Optimize your Page Rank Those seo-savvy web programmers and search engine optimization specialists are familiar with the problem caused by changing a previously ranked url to a new url. For example, an old page that a search engine has ranked on page 1 may be . For a variety of reasons, it may be necessary to change the url to . The new url will be identified by search engines as a new page, even though it is the same page...

Search Engine Optimization in 2010

Search engines are always changing their algorithms, sometimes as often as twice per day, but lately there have been some major changes that will affect the way search engines produce results. Recently, major engines like Google and Yahoo introduced a real-time search feature that scrolls recent Tweets from Twitter containing the searched keyword. With Twitter's explosive growth this year, this change now exposes the millions of conversations happening on Twitter, especially when it comes to a...

Google Implements Personalized Search Based on Browser Cookie

Google announced an extension to personalized search on Friday. Google noted that they will now provide customized search results based on past search activity for users not logged into their Google account. Google will set an anonymous cookie in your browser that will store up to 180 days of "signed-out" search activity, including search queries and results you click. How will you notice the change? Google has been nice enough to place a "View Customization" link on the search results page. Cli...

Google Webmaster Tools Keyword Significance

Google has now started showing what it believes are the most significant for you website. Here's what Google believes are the most important keywords for In a Webmaster Central Help Page updated 11/12/09 Google explains: "The Keywords page lists the most significant keywords Google found when crawling your site. The significance of each keyword reflects how often it's found on your site's pages. Click each keyword to see a sampling of pages on which it appears." Google goes on to reco...

Google Sidewiki - Steps To Claim Your Site

Google recently launched a new product called SideWiki. Google's Sidewiki is a browser sidebar that allows users to add comments and information about a particular site. There has been some controversy about this new service already. Some of the issues brought up: The Sidewiki content is hosted on Google Taking comments /content from site owners and centralizing it Lack of comment filtering, open up for spam Some equate it to bathroom wall graffiti With that we want to talk about getting a "Page...

New Google Keyword Tool

If you haven't seen or heard about it, Google has a BETA version of the new Keyword Tool out. It still contains its fundamental functionality, but added some new features, made some tweaks, and changed the layout a bit. Here is a brief list of the new features and changes I noticed right away. If you know of any other neat features with the new Keyword Tool, we'd love to hear about them. My personal favorite, the Google Keyword Tool now lets you download a selected keyword list. Before you would...

What ICANN's New gTLDs Mean for Search Engine Rankings

For the past several months there has been a lot of talk and speculation as to whether or not ICANN will be opening up their gTLD-global top-level domain extension -registration in late 2010. ICANN stands for 'Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' and is essentially the Internet's governing body, focusing specifically on domain registration. If ICANN's new gTLD program launches as planned, in late 2010 corporations, interest groups, cities and anyone else who has the financial mea...

Google Penalty – How to Properly Request Reconsideration

Today Google released a video from two leaders of the Google Search Quality Web Spam Group, Racheal Searles and Brian White, giving their recommendations for creating a good reconsideration request . Their Tips Include: Admit any mistakes you’ve made and let Google know what you have done to fix them. They want you to realize there is actual people who read the re-inclusion request. If you don’t know what your site did to get the penalty the suggest going back and rereading the Googl...

Dual Authority – Dual Inline Site Links

UPDATE: Sitelinks have evolved since this post was published. To learn more about what sitelinks are, how they can help your site, and how to implement changes to your website's code to help Google recognize these links, watch this informative video from Matt Cutts. Sales & Marketing Technologies strives to keep you updated on the changes online that could affect your Digital marketing efforts. As Central Florida's most established Digital marketing and web development company, we take it up...

Implementing 301 Redirects on Legacy URLs

The implementation of 301 redirects for legacy URLs is a crucial step in website redevelopment and URL optimization projects. It seems that web development companies that are not strong in Digital Marketing often make the mistake, out of ignorance more than anything, of not properly taking care of legacy URLs, that is of URLs that used to rank on the previous website version but whose content has been assigned a new URL. For example if the details page of a product is now on


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